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Drops 23 : The Mars — ‘Phobos’

Hello! KLAYswap Community!

Today, we are very excited to introduce the 23rd KLAYswapDrops event to KLAYswap users: The Mars — “Phobos”!

1. “Phobos” of the Post Voyager

Mars Labs is developing a blockchain-based global metaverse game platform, expanding its business to build a P2E and NFT blockchain ecosystem. The core team of Mars Labs has over 10 years of MMORPG development experience with excellent core personnel.

Through the native token Mars Token (MRST) and the governance token Phobos Token (PBOS) that plays a role in the metaverse, users can conduct free economic activities on the metaverse. In early 2023, a metaverse Land sale and Alpha test are scheduled. Through PBOS tokens, players can have Land purchase rights and influence in DAO.

2. Phobos airdrop period and amount distributed at KLAYswap Drops

The Phobos airdrop will be held for 7 days from Nov 22nd to Nov 28th. The total amount of Phobos airdrops from KLAYswap Drops is 10,000 Phobos. The amount of airdrop obtained by the user is calculated based on the snapshot of the amount of vKSP held after KSP staking. Claims can be made from Nov 28th 9:00 am (KST).

3. How to participate in Drops

Users participating in KSP staking are automatically eligible for airdrops for new projects supported by Drops. The airdrop quantity will be distributed based on the snapshot of the user’s vKSP quantity after KSP staking, and the snapshot will be held once a day at 9:00 am (KST). To receive the airdrop, you must have staked KSP before the snapshot and obtained vKSP.

View our guide on how to stake KSP

4. Token Allocation

PBOS tokens did not go through any private & public sale, and there is no separate budget for ecosystem expansion.

90% of Phobos tokens are issued only through LP pool provision, MRST staking, and PBOS token deposits for delegates.

Team allocation is distributed annually by 10% of overall issuance, and is used for incentive compensation and talent recruitment.

PBOS Token Issuance

Learn More About Phobos Token

5. Project Details

- Official Website: https://home.marscompany.co/

-White paper: https://whitepaper.marscompany.co

-Discord: https://discord.gg/marslabs

-Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mars_Labs

-Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@mars_labs

-Telegram: https://t.me/marslabs

-Medium: https://marslabs.medium.com/



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