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ICX Airdrop event notice for KICX-KETH Liquidity Pool

Dear members of KLAYswap community,

We are excited to share with you the news of KICX token airdrop that will take place over the course of next month to the newly formed KICX-KETH liquidity pool in KLAYswap.

Icon is a project with one of the largest ecosystems in the blockchain world, and has been cooperating with Orbit Bridge to push the limits of the decentralized finance ecosystem in various ways. KICX is the Klaytn version of ICX, an asset native to Icon Network, that has been bridged over into Klaytn using the Orbit Bridge. We are launching this event for both the users of KLAYswap and ICX holders, and wish for your participation. Below are the details.

[Important details]

KICX will be airdropped to liquidity providers of KICX-KETH pool.

- Airdropped amount : 29,969.001000 KICX

- Airdrop targets : Wallets that are providing liquidity pool to KICX-KETH (Airdropo rewards will be distributed depending on share ratio of the wallet.)

- Event period : Aug 19th (KST) — Sep 19th (KST)

(It is subject to change depending on the block creation time.)

* KICX airdrop will commence on 8/19/2021, for an amount proportional to the percentage of the pool your assets take.

* Airdrop will commence regardless of the wallets used, to liquidity providers of KICX-KETH.

[How to participate]

You must provide liquidity to KICX-KETH pool to receive airdrop during the event period.

1. Depositing assets for liquidity provision

To provide liquidity to KICX-KETH pool, you must have one of those two assets, and both could be converted to Klaytn Network assets using the Orbit Bridge. Below are the guides to depositing ICX to KLAYswap.

Medium :Using KLAYswap with ICX

2. Connecting your wallet

Click on the “Connect Wallet” button located on the top right of KLAYswap site.

3. Providing liquidity to KICX-KETH pool

Depending on tokens you have in your wallet, you may choose one of KICX+KETH / KICX / KETH options. If you choose a singular token option, half of the deposit will automatically be converted into the other of the pair to be deposited as a liquidity pair.

* Please make sure to check the exchange rate and exchange rate range prior to depositing.

You may check the Medium guides below to learn more about general usage of KLAYswap.

Medium : Using swap/providing liquidity/staking & boosting in KLAYswap




Klaytn’s decentralized, automated liquidity protocol

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