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KLAY airdrop to KLAY-XRP liquidity pool!

Today, we are excited to announce a KLAY airdrop event for liquidity providers of the KLAY-KXRP pool.

KLAYswap has been providing new economic opportunities to XRP holders who have been left out from the Decentralized Finance craze, and it was clear they were enthusiastic to do so.

We witnessed more than $100M of XRP liquidity flowing in within the first week after supporting XRP, and saw the potential KLAYswap meant to them. KLAYswap presented a new standard in terms of how different mainnet tokens could be utilized, and was able to present a new direction for DeFi protocols for scalability.

We believe this remarkable achievement was made possible only with all the participants of the KLAYswap ecosystem, and we would like to thank you for building with us a better KLAYswap, with a KLAY airdrop event.

We hope to see many participate in this opportunity to receive additional KLAY.

Details of the KLAY airdrop event can be found below.

1. KLAY Airdrop Event

A total 500M KRW worth of KLAY airdrop to liquidity providers of the KLAY-KXRP pool.

  • Total Airdrop Allocation: 231,305 KLAY
  • Eligible Participants: the wallet owners who has deposited in KLAY-KXRP Pool (Airdrop is giving away based on the deposit ratio of the pool)
  • Airdrop Period: May 18th (Tue), 2021 ~ June 17th (Thu), 2021

* Regardless of the wallet type, all users who is participating in the event will be airdroped. [Kaikas/Klip/D’CENT]

2. Step-by-step Guide “Providing liquidity to receive airdrop”

  • Click the [Menu]-[Connect Wallet]-[Kakao Klip] button at the top right of the site to connect the Klip wallet on your KakaoTalk application.
  • You can start using the service after connecting is complete.
  • You can supply liquidity on the KLAY-KXRP pool by depositing a pair of XRP and KLAY or one of those two.
  • KLAY can be transferred directly from an exchange to your Kakao Klip wallet address. You can check the wallet address by moving to the [More]-[All Services]-[Klip] menu of the KakaoTalk application, and clicking the [View My Address] button. Please make sure your Klip wallet address is accurate when withdrawing KLAY from a centralized exchange.
  • XRP can be transferred from a centralized exchange to your XRP deposit address on KLAYswap. Click ‘Wallet’ icon in the upper right corner after connecting your wallet to KLAYswap.
  • Click [Deposit XRP] on Asset List — XRP
  • You can check the XRP deposit address and destination tag here. When you withdraw XRP from a centralized exchange, please make sure to enter both the address and the tag accurately.
    * For XRP, the deposit is completed only when the deposit address and destination tag are correctly entered. If you use a QR code to enter the address information, be aware that the destination tag is not automatically entered. You must copy the destination tag shown in a pop-up page. Any loss of funds due to a non-entered or incorrectly entered address/tag cannot be recovered.
  • Upon completion of the deposit, you will find the XRP balance on the asset list
  • First, go to the [Pool] menu and search for ‘Klaytn’ or ‘XRP’ in the search box, and select the ‘Klaytn + XRP’ pool.
  • If you hold both KLAY and XRP and want to supply liquidity as a pair, proceed to deposit by selecting the ‘KLAY-XRP(KXRP)’ tab in the ‘Assets available for deposit’.
  • You can also supply liquidity on the pool by depositing a singular asset, out of the pair (KLAY or XRP). To deposit XRP, select ‘XRP’ tab in the ‘Assets available for deposit’ and proceed to deposit.
  • After confirming the deposit transaction details, continue on to the next step.
  • The deposit is completed when you confirm the transaction in the Klip wallet after clicking ‘Deposit’ on the transaction request page. The deposit history can be found on the ‘My Deposit’ page at the top.

KLAY airdrop will begin on May 18th (Tue), 2021, and hope many of you will participate in the event!



Klaytn’s decentralized, automated liquidity protocol

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