Multichain Token Economy and Rewards: MEGA Ecopot

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Hello KLAYswap Community Members!

On January 30th, Ozys launched KLAYswap’s second frontier protocol, Megaton Finance, on the TON (Telegram Open Network) blockchain.

Megaton Finance has achieved over $12M in TVL and is rapidly attracting native liquidity and users (March 9th, 2023).

Ozys, a company specializing in blockchain scalability and interoperability, continuously strives to expand its global ecosystem. The release of Megaton Finance this time is significant in that it overcomes the fragmentation of the non-EVM (not Ethereum compatible) ecosystem and creates synergy based on the interconnection between not only the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM, Ethereum compatible) chain but also Layer 1 chain of non-EVM.

The launch of Megaton Finance allows the integration of KLAYswap, Meshswap, and Megaton Finance, allowing the mutual inflow of users and native liquidity between the TON chain and the Klaytn chain. Through wide-ranging interoperation among protocols beyond chains, users within the multi-chain economic ecosystem will receive rewards and benefits. To ensure that the KSP community fully benefits, KLAYswap will continue to distribute Megaton Finance’s governance token, MEGA, through Ecopot.

MEGA Ecopot: 1% of MEGA allocation for KSP Community

The MEGA Ecopot is a reward for vKSP holders, who are key players in KLAYswap’s global autonomous finance universe. Anyone who holds vKSP can participate in Ecopot and receive rewards. The MEGA Ecopot allocates 1% of the MEGA inflation as Ecopot rewards, which will be distributed over six years to vKSP holders who have participated in the MEGA Ecopot.

* Distributed token: oMEGA
* Distribution target: KSP staking participants (vKSP holders)
* Daily distribution amount: 462 oMEGA (1% of daily MEGA allocation)
* Distribution period: Continuous distribution for 6 years
* Distribution date: March 16th, 2023

Operational expansion of KSP and MESH

As Megaton Finance opens up new possibilities for KSP and MESH tokens, both communities are rewarding their members with MEGA rewards. With the increased utilization of KSP and MESH tokens, users can generate more profit by navigating between each protocol’s ecosystem. With Megaton Finance, users can engage in yield farming by using KSP and MESH, which are stable liquidity sources.

The MEGA incentives also allow KSP and MESH holders to preempt the opportunity to mine the governance tokens of Megaton Finance, a core DEX on the TON chain.

Users who provide liquidity to the oKSP-MEGA pool or oMESH-MEGA pool on Megaton Finance can receive additional MEGA incentives along with trading fees. With this, KSP and MESH holders can earn additional profits using KSP and MESH on the TON chain along with Klaytn and Polygon chains. KSP and MESH will be utilized and traded as assets for liquidity supply on the TON chain and will grow as a strong pool in Megaton Finance. As the demand for KSP and MESH increases, their prices will stabilize, along with circulation. Ultimately, the multi-chain token economy utilizing a new frontier protocol (Megaton Finance) will become a new growth driver for KLAYswap and Meshswap, contributing to the value appreciation of KSP and community strengthening.


KLAYswap’s global autonomous finance universe will continue to provide strong rewards to the vKSP community, and we encourage vKSP holders to participate in future financial opportunities.




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