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New KSP Rewards Pool: ICX-ETH

Dear members of the KLAYswap Community!

We are excited to announce that ICX will be available for liquidity mining on KLAYswap tomorrow (Starts at 9am on October 22st/UTC+9)! ICX holders can provide liquidity on the Klaytn network via Orbit Bridge and earn KSP tokens as a reward. This means ICX holders are now able to enjoy DeFi protocols in a cross-chain environment.

The inflow of ICX liquidity will bring new vitality to KLAYswap, creating richer asset movement and flow between users participating in the KLAYswap and ICON ecosystems, and creating various economic opportunities in this mutual ecosystem.

Look forward to the expanded ecosystem that KLAYswap, which builds an autonomous financial ecosystem as Klaytn’s largest on-chain liquidity, and ICON, a layer one interoperability blockchain, will create!

* KLAYswap is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) with the largest on-chain liquidity on the Klaytn network. It allows users to earn and manage rewards by utilizing cryptocurrencies on various chains. KSP is given as a reward to participants in the KLAYswap ecosystem and can be used to generate additional revenue on the platform.

How to provide liquidity to the ICX-ETH pool on KLAYswap

KLAYswap’s core value lies in its ability to support assets and their liquidity regardless of the chain the asset is hosted on. To that end, KLAYswap supports not only native Klaytn blockchain assets but also assets on ICON, Ethereum, BSC, Ripple and more through Orbit Bridge, which supports cross-chain transactions via IBC. By utilizing assets imported across the OrbitBridge, depositors have multiple ways of generating profit.

1. Bridge Guide

Medium : Using KLAYswap with ICX

2. KLAYswap Guide

Medium : Using swap/providing liquidity/staking & boosting in KLAYswap

[About ICON]

Founded in 2017 by the ICON Foundation, ICON is a next generation blockchain protocol with smart contract functionality and interoperability. ICX is the native cryptocurrency of the ICON network. As an aggregator chain, ICON achieves interoperability — a web of interconnected networks aggregating all blockchain data into one layer. ICON’s “Blockchain Transmission Protocol” (BTP) is its novel interoperability solution, allowing all integrated blockchains to be interconnected to each other. Current BTP partners include Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, NEAR Protocol, and Harmony. ICON also has a growing DeFi ecosystem that includes projects such as Balanced DAO, Omm Finance, Optimus Protocol, and Equality Exchange.

For more information about ICON, please visit https://icon.foundation



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KLAYswap is an AMM-based swap protocol that allows users to swap any KCT token on the basis of KLAY. The active website is https://klayswap.com