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Drops 14 : Sheepfarm — ‘NGIT’

Dear members of the KLAYswap community!

We are excited to announce the 14th KLAYswapDrops event — Sheepfarm’s token ‘NGIT’.

  1. What’s Sheepfarm and NGIT token

Sheepfarm in Meta-land is a P2E project on Klaytn where players can purchase metaverse pastures, run their own farm, raise sheep, and make a profit!

Nightingale Token(NGIT) is the governance token of Sheepfarm in Meta-land. The token represents voting power in UCC polling and DAO gaming. NGIT has a fixed supply and will not be increased.

1. Voting will take place to determine which user-created contents (Sheep NFT) will be added to the game.

2. Voting will also determine the weather and surroundings, which have a significant impact on PvP content.

3. NGIT holders can deposit their tokens in order to receive MARD token rewards through yield farming.

2. NGIT airdrop period and amount, during KLAYswap Drops

NGIT airdrop will be performed for 7 days, from Feb 15 to Feb 21. The total quantity of NGIT to be distributed through KLAYswap Drops is 19,178 NGIT. Among them, the quantity that will be Airdropped to vKSP holders is 9,576 NGIT. The amount that each user receives will be determined by snapshots of vKSP voting power, based on their KSP staking amount. Tokens can be claimed on Feb 21, after the airdrop is over.

Initial Supply : 19,178 NGIT

  • Drops Airdrop : 9,576 NGIT
  • LP creation : KSP- NGIT , KLAY-NGIT, MARD-NGIT (767 / 767 / 384 NGIT)
  • Subsequent Airdrop : 7,668 NGIT


3. How to participate in Drops

If you are a user who is currently staking KSP, you are automatically eligible for the new project airdrops that Drops offers. Tokens will be airdropped based on the snapshot of the user’s vKSP quantity after KSP staking, and the snapshot will be held once a day at 9:00 am (KST/UTC+9). In order to receive the airdrop, you must have vKSP before the snapshot.

How to stake KSP

4. Token allocation

  • Total supply : 5,000,000 NGIT

- LP incentive (20%)

- Product Ecosystem (60%)

DAO Creator Reward 40%

DAO Expansion Reward 15%

Reserve 5%

- Team (20%)

Foundation 15%

Private Sale 5%

5. Project details




Klaytn’s decentralized, automated liquidity protocol

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