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7 Months of the Klaytn Improvement Reserve (KIR): Achievements, Challenges, and What is Next

In November 2020, Klaytn officially launched a grant program titled “Klaytn Improvement Reserve (KIR).” The open grant program was designed to support developers and researchers who are willing to contribute to the establishment of an enabling environment for the Klaytn ecosystem. The program covers a wide range of topics: 1) development environment; 2) platform core; 3) education & activities; 4) infrastructure; 5) monitoring & analytics; and 6) research. You can find more information on the KIR from our previous article.

Through the KIR, we could interact with a number of enthusiastic teams who are willing to use their capacity to strengthen Klaytn’s ecosystem. A significant part of their ideas have been realized through the KIR and are now serving as a foundation for the expansion of the Klaytn ecosystem. We have allocated approximately 90 million USD to the KIR (transactions can be observed via the reserve address), creating one of the largest eco-system support funds in the industry.

For the past 7 months, we received 10 proposals, and 9 proposals obtained approvals from our Governance Council (GC). As of June 2021, 1 project was completed, and 6 projects are being implemented. 2 projects were withdrawn as a result of midterm evaluations by the GC. In total, we have committed USD 2.2 million and already disbursed USD 0.91 million.

Considering Klaytn’s ecosystem has yet to be matured, the biggest portion of the reserve was given to the development of its monitoring systems such as www.klaytnscope.com. In addition, KIR projects allowed our community to better understand cryptography, which forms the foundation of Klaytn, including zero knowledge and BFT consensus protocols.

Notwithstanding the achievements in monitoring & analytics and research, we have received a limited number of proposals on the other three areas: development environment, platform core, and infrastructure. Also, a majority of the grant applicants were from Korea although we are open to proposals from anywhere in the world if they have meaningful ideas and the capacity to deliver.

Regardless of the challenges, we will continue to strengthen the Klaytn ecosystem through the KIR. We are planning to take two different approaches. The current modality of receiving open proposals will be continued. If you have any great ideas, you can suggest us through https://kir.klaytn.com. In addition, we will regularly post RFPs and receive your proposals on pre-arranged project items to fill the gaps of the Klaytn ecosystem identified by our team and community. At this moment, we plan to apply the new scheme to build the data infrastructure and oracle.

If you are a developer or a team of developers looking for a project opportunity, please visit our website to discover more about KIR and the Klaytn ecosystem. Also, we are listening to your voices on how to attract developers to explore KIR and enjoy the Klaytn world. Please let us know through any of our communication channels.

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