Announcing 8 new initial service partners

We are excited to announce that another great 8 blockchain projects joined Klaytn as initial service partners. With the 8 new partners, in addition to the already secured 26, we now have a total of 34 initial service partners, together preparing for the Klaytn mainnet launch NEXT MONTH.

This round of partnership includes some of the most promising projects engaged in distinctive blockchain-empowered businesses in various industry domains. ‘nBlocksHunt,’ operated by Neoply, the blockchain arm of one of Korea’s largest game companies, Neowiz, is a gamified location-based service, backed by VR technology. Allowing users to discover and claim tokens by visiting offline stores, nBlocksHunt further facilitates the existing marketing strategy by collaborating with various shops or events.

Directional,’ a blockchain-based peer-to-peer stock lending platform for individual investors, is also joining Klaytn. The platform disrupts the existing stock lending market by allowing individuals to lend and borrow securities on P2P basis, which would give them rewards in forms of interest yields in return. It is also the first blockchain firm to participate in the newly enacted financial regulatory sandbox as selected by the Financial Services Commission of the Korean government.

Sessia’ is a Russia-based social network service integrated with marketing solution for both online and offline merchandises. A user posts his or her purchase history at a specific restaurant or shop on Sessia, and if any other user who discovers the post ends up visiting the same place, both users would be rewarded with Sessia tokens. Having already established partnerships with notable franchises around the U.S., Vietnam, and Russia, Sessia plans to provide marketing solution that fairly rewards and sustains offline shops, existing users, and new users.

Also onboarded on Klaytn is ‘GUHADA,’ an e-commerce platform for pre-owned designer goods, operated by Singapore-based TEMCO. GUHADA allows users to verify the authenticity of the traded goods, whose certificates and transaction histories can be tracked, as recorded on blockchain.

‘’ is a U.S.-based esports live streaming platform powered by the Theta blockchain network, a decentralized CDN (content delivery network). As the parent company of Theta Labs, which operates the Theta Network, allows users to rebroadcast video streams with their excess bandwidth and earn token rewards in return, while significantly reducing the costs of video streams and driving incremental revenue for media and entertainment platforms.

Other notable industry partners include ‘REDi,’ a blockchain-based marketplace for new and renewable energy; ‘HAIVE,’ a UGC-based interactive language learning service from China; and, ‘BolttCoin,’ an incentivized healthcare service from India, leveraging blockchain and gamification.

With a mission to trigger the mass adoption of blockchain experience for millions of users across the world, Klaytn continues building more partnerships with promising blockchain projects developed by some of the most globally successful service providers. Using the deployed Klaytn testnet, the initial service partners work towards further reinforcing the Klaytn’s ecosystem by releasing their BApps (Blockchain Applications). In the meantime, the Klaytn mainnet is set to launch next month on the 27th of June. Stay tuned for more details!

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