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Come sit under our tall, tall Cypress tree— Klaytn mainnet is here for you to explore.

Hello, World!

We are excited to announce the official launch of Klaytn mainnet.

Klaytn is a service-centric blockchain platform with a mission: to trigger the mass adoption of blockchain experience for millions of users across the world. In doing so, Klaytn combines the best features of both public blockchains (decentralized data & control, distributed governance) and private blockchains (low latency, high scalability) via an efficient ‘hybrid’ design. Further, Klaytn is secured by participation from numerous highly-reputable firms and businesses, working together to create a reliable enterprise-grade platform. Klaytn enables businesses and entrepreneurs today to capture value using blockchain technology.

Blockchain Applications (BApps) are first-class citizens in Klaytn’s world. We strive to offer the highest performance and most productive environment that caters to a wide spectrum of engineering audience, from micro startups to enterprise divisions. With combination of Klaytn features, including low-latency network responsiveness, reliable yet powerful transaction throughput, flexible scalability through Service Chains, and transaction fee subsidization for end-users, the BApp designers will be liberated to deliver the best experience for their customers. We are working with some of the most globally powerful firms and businesses in diverse industries whose mission is to create substantial real use cases of blockchain technology.

For more information on our technology, business, partners, communities, and token economy, visit our official webpage at www.klaytn.com.

This is just the beginning. More exciting stories to come. Can’t wait to connect with you all.

Team Klaytn

[Klaytn official community]
Homepage: http://www.klaytn.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/klaytn_official

[About Klaytn]
Klaytn is a public blockchain platform of the leading South Korean mobile platform, Kakao. Dedicated to validating the value and utility of blockchain technology by providing a blockchain service for mass adoption, Klaytn provides an easy development environment and friendly user experience. Klaytn seeks to continue advancing the platform to offer blockchain services for millions of users.



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