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How to work at GroundX 2021-Minting NFT Cards to Employees

The year 2021 marks the 3rd anniversary of Ground X. The relentless refinements of the Klaytn Platform with the release of various products over the past three years have allowed us to embrace this new year with optimism to make a new leap forward. That being so, how are the Ground X crews actually working, and how should they be working, for Ground X to actually make this leap — to unlock and capture the emerging market for blockchain-based digital assets?

Starting out with this question, we eventually thought up three ways by which Ground X works in 2021, to serve as our driving force. They have been encapsulated in three keywords considered to be necessary for us to stride forward — Kakao Style.

Customer-centric 🧐 🏹

We prioritize customer values, focusing on their needs and pain points.

We listen, analyze and investigate the needs and pain points of our customers through various channels to define “customer value.” Hitting the bullseye of customer value so as to present our customers with meaningful benefits is our way of doing things that we should all abide by.

Trust to Trust (Trust, Conflict, and Commitment) 🙏 🔥 🤝

In trust, we express ourselves openly, do not fear conflicts, and commit ourselves to decisions that have been agreed upon.

Creating the most optimal solution through candid exchanges of opinions and constructive “conflicts”, on the basis of “trust” in each other’s good intentions and professional competence. Whole-heartedly accepting and “committing” to matters that have been decided upon. That is how we cooperate.

Proactive 🧭 🚀 🌕

We actively seek out our roles in alignment with the goal and direction of the organization and take our own initiative in doing our job.

Venturing into an unprecedented, uncharted territory within the versatile blockchain industry is not an easy undertaking. In order to pioneer new roads for ourselves, we need to have an independent challenger spirit and a daring audacity. As we set off on this journey with just a single map in hand, let us be each other’s guides and reliable colleagues.

But being constantly reminded of the ways by which we should work is not something that comes naturally. Although they should, in principle, constitute the very attitude and mindset to be embodied during work, they tend to be easily forgotten, especially when we are immersed in our busy tasks. As a reminder, we could put up posters on office walls or have messages engraved in little items to give out to our crews. But as a blockchain company that deals with digital assets, we wanted something more special.

So we thought: What if we could visualize the meaning and context of the ways we work as images and put them in NFTs, so that they can always be seen in our wallets? What if we could incorporate the organizational culture and DNA into our own products, tokenize them, and use them as a symbol of involvement and a sense of belonging?

And so were “The Ways By Which Ground X Works” NFTs born. Any Ground X crew can appreciate them anytime in their Klip wallets.

[“The Ways By Which Ground X Works” NFTs in the NFT menu in Klip ]

Our crews at Ground X think customer-centrically; are not afraid to trust, come into conflict and make commitments; and are self-driven. We urge you to stay tuned and watch as they achieve the giant leap forward this year! :)

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