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Klaytn Improvement Reserve Forum is now open for submissions.

We are officially launching Klaytn Improvement Reserve (KIR).

KIR is a KLAY reward system allocated for individuals, teams, or companies committed to maintaining a sustainable Klaytn ecosystem growth. Interested applicants can submit proposals that can support Klaytn infrastructure support, developer experience enhancement, or community building initiatives.

Ever since the first announcement of a pilot run of Klaytn Improvement Reserve, we have reviewed four qualified projects and their proposals. As earlier noticed, the first recipient Ozys added new features to Klaytnscope, the block explorer that monitors block activities on the Klaytn platform, which was released on June 29th.

Klaytn’s fee delegation policy is also a KIR proposal. Klaytn pays for all transaction fees on behalf of our partner developers and service providers that run applications on Klaytn. This way, developers would be able to deploy or execute smart contracts at no cost.

The third project is submitted by Quantstamp, who is building a Real Time Security Monitoring Solution (RT-Monitor) to detect any abnormal transactions for the Klaytn blockchain. Monitored alert types includes token overflow detection, token mints and burns, and token ownership changes.

A local tech company S2WLAB also submitted a proposal for a Klaytn on-chain analysis framework called S2_EYEZ, which provides a well-structured development environment for implementing a wide range of on-chain analysis applications. It supports high-performance financial transaction analysis as well as implementation transparency by providing development libraries, sample applications, and benchmark results.

We look for any interested projects, teams, and entities that can benefit the larger Klaytn ecosystem, such as building or operating developer tools, infrastructure, educational materials, community building, you name it. You can submit your proposal to the official KIR Forum. Once submitted, Klaytn will do an initial screening and review, and every single Klaytn Governance Council member will each cast a ballot to decide whether or not the project can qualify. The whole review process will be available through the forum.

We look for projects that can accelerate the success and growth of the larger Klaytn ecosystem. For more information, visit the official KIR Forum at https://kir.klaytn.com.

[About Klaytn]
Klaytn is a global public blockchain platform developed by Ground X, the blockchain affiliate of the leading South Korean Internet company, Kakao. Klaytn is a service-centric blockchain platform providing an intuitive development environment and a friendly end-user experience. It is built upon solid reliability and significant stability with substantial service development for mass adoption. The platform allows real world applications of large scale to be produced right away so that our end-users can make full use of services without much expertise in blockchain or cryptocurrency.

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