Klaytn Meets BORA

Hi all,

The second partner we’d like to introduce is BORA, a game and digital content platform developed by Way2Bit. BORA provides solutions for revitalizing digital content service distribution and user participating using transparent transaction records on blockchain. BORA has also previously partnered with major game companies in Korea including ‘4:33,’ ‘Action Square,’ ‘ENP Games,’ ‘Neon Games,’ ‘Unit5,’ ‘Supertree,’ ‘Emong,’ and ‘Pier 6.’

We visited BORA HQ at Jeongja-dong and sat down with Cindy Lee, the CEO of BORA.

Klaytn: We’re interested in knowing more about you and also how you have come to partner with Klaytn.

Lee: Before entering blockchain scene, I was in game industry for quite some time. I worked mostly in business development, investment, and new/global business at Neowiz, NCSoft, Smilegate, and Double U Games.

It was also ‘games’ that connected BORA and Klaytn. Way2bit, who develops BORA, initially received investment funding from Kakao Games, which is a subsidiary of Kakao, whose global blockchain project is of course Klaytn. BORA and Klaytn have always been under the same umbrella, and working with Klaytn just seemed very natural for us.

Klaytn: Can you tell us more about your blockchain service?

Lee: We are a blockchain-based platform aimed to distribute digital content. Covering a wide spectrum of entertainment including music, games, web comics, education, healthcare, and real estate, we allow our service providers to use BORA platform to provide their services easily and seamlessly to our users.

BORA platform is designed in a way that it incorporates really the core advantages of blockchain technology. We provide high transactional performance and scalability that are mandatory for seamless content distribution services. This has been made possible by the distinct dual network design that BORA platform is structured. BORA uses an internal blockchain called BORA Chain together with the main public blockchain linked together. This independent BORA Chain is provided to each service provider so that enables independent blockchain execution by each provider. This ensures undisturbed autonomous execution and prevents noisy-neighbor issue.

We also provide content services in a secure and transparent manner. In the traditional game services or content services, the users were unaware of whether sensitive information was being transparently disclosed and whether the service was conducted in a fair manner. In addition, the information recorded in the database may be altered or lost due to hacking, mistakes, or malicious intentions. As previously mentioned, I’ve worked quite some time in gaming industry, and I experienced such reliability issues very often as well. The users had trust issues — they were questioning if their services were constantly being manipulated by content providers. And blockchain was the easiest way to solve the transparency issue.

The distinct dual network design of our ecosystem that I mentioned earlier is also followed by our two-tiered token structure. The tokens for internal circulation, also known as BORA Points, exist within the BORA Chain, and they are linked to ERC-20 tokens, also known as BORA Tokens. BORA Tokens may be freely traded among users whereas BORA Points are for circulation within the platform ecosystem. Based on this structure, user assets are protected and the transfer process to BORA Tokens and execution are ensured. As a result, user assets are no longer structured in a way that is dependent on existing content providers, but rather exist with the user and ecosystem.

Klaytn: We understand that the name BORA comes from Bora Bora Island.

Lee: Yes. The beautiful tropical island in South Pacific. All of the names in the ecosystem are derived from oceanic themes. Mainly, we have Bora Island, BORA Atoll, and BORA Lagoon. Bora Island, which is BORA mainnet to be launched soon, is the base of our ecosystem. The BORA Island platform allows users to experience various digital content or play video games. Users can also access various services including managing their wallet, exchanging tokens, etc. BORA Atoll is the place where partners and content providers can find the necessary information to facilitate their service out on the blockchain. BORA Lagoon is the testnet for the Island, in which users and developers can verify and test their service. Also, our token is called BORA Shell. This was based on the idea that one of the earliest human currencies was shell money.

Klaytn: What is BORA’s vision?

Lee: For our users, we are going to provide credible services, and for our developers, we are going to equip them with intuitive API and toolkits for service development. Our team consists of top engineers and developers, who specialize in platform development and service development with previous working experiences in major game companies. With our great team and vision, we believe that BORA Platform can provide user-friendly and enterprise-friendly services ultimately contributing towards highlighting the value and core advantages of blockchain technology.