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The 3rd initial service partner we would like to introduce is Cloudbric, a global deep-learning security solution providing threat database based on deep-learning AI technology. Cloudbric is also a strategic partner to the global security technology vendor, Penta Security.

We sat down with TJ Jung, the CEO and Co-Founder of Cloudbric.

TJ Jung, the CEO & Co-Founder of Cloudbric

Klaytn: Can you tell us more about yourself? We are also interested in knowing more about the story behind Cloudbric and Klaytn’s partnership.

Jung: I have over 10 years of work experience in information security, specifically in areas of cloud security, web application security, cryptography, and blockchain, all of which I digested while at Penta Security, and most recently at Cloudbric. Cloudbric first started as part of Penta Security’s new business development in cloud service area back in 2014. It was subsequently launched as in-house venture in 2015, finally spun off two years later. Penta Security is Korea’s no. 1 data security vendor and APAC’s no. 1 enterprise web security vendor. And Cloudbric is currently protecting over 10,000 members and organizations, 50+ global partners as well as featuring over 25 data centers around the world.

Klaytn: We are interested in how you have come to partner with Klaytn.

Jung: We considered performance to be the most important factor for blockchain platform. Our service is targeted for general mass users with easy accessibility, which means that we would be producing lots of transaction. We were very much aligned with Klaytn’s technology and philosophy in that sense. We appreciated Klaytn’s distinctive efforts to drive mainstream adoption of blockchain technology as well as its enterprise-grade performance allowing real use cases to be produced right away. Furthermore, Klaytn’s close ties with Kakao, and Kakao’s extensive experiences in service development for over 50 million users, also attracted us.

Klaytn: We are interested in knowing more about how Cloudbric first started off.

Jung: There were two primary reasons for launching a reverse ICO. First, as security firm, we had much experiences dealing with hacking attacks, and as cyber attacks have recently been expanding their reach into cryptocurrency assets and exchanges, we wanted to utilize our expertise towards protecting blockchain ecosystem. The protection for digital funds within the cryptocurrency market stands as a new top priority for our digital users. Second, we had also long been collecting invaluable threat intelligence data, which is used to help develop new market solutions, issue pertinent software updates, create industry reports, and analytics, etc., all of which can be valuable sources of revenue. Many firms choose to privatize such collected threat data by selling them at a costly price for their own gain. However, we wanted to make security intelligence transparent and accessible to all by utilizing blockchain technology for open-sourcing malicious attacks or threats. We sought to create a blockchain-based cyber threat intelligence platform.

Klaytn: Can you tell us more about your service?

Jung: Cloudbric is a deep-learning solution seeking to help bridge the gap between cybersecurity and artificial intelligence in order to bring the most advanced user-focused suite of solutions to the market. We seek to make security information open and accessible, as well as affordable to all users through the introduction of what’s called Decentralized Universal Security Platform. This AI-based cybersecurity platform will be powered by Cloudbric’s patented deep learning module known as VISION and will provide an all-inclusive suite of cybersecurity solutions. Our platform is able to recognize new and emerging threat patterns and behaviors, and intelligently detect and filter all malicious web attacks and hacking attempts, and ultimately introduce more accurate and up-to-date security solutions. We also ensure total web security transparency with an interactive dashboard that allows users to manage their web traffic and attack statistics in real time.

Furthermore, users will be able to train the very technology that helps protect their online digital assets by contributing anonymous cyber threat logs to advance the accuracy and learning capabilities of Cloudbric’s deep learning module. For their continued security contributions via reporting the attackers’ IP or wallet address, the users will be rewarded through distribution of Cloudbric tokens, also known as ‘CLB’, directly to their user account. CLB can then be redeemed to activate Cloudbric’s suite of security services. A minimum balance of CLB tokens must be deposited or accumulated within each user account wallet in order to utilize all security services. In doing so, we wanted to empower all users to become the primary drivers of decentralized cybersecurity advancement.

Klaytn: What is Cloudbric’s vision?

Jung: If Penta Security focused on providing security solution via equipment, Cloudbric focuses more on cloud-based security solution. As the world shifts to a more hyper-connected and Internet-driven society, the need to secure private online data is becoming increasingly paramount. We seek to provide cloud-based protection encompassing web server, mobile/PC, IoT devices, and blockchain ecosystem.

Our slogan is ‘Secure your blockchain experience.’ Blockchain technology in and of itself may provide secure data transaction, but the surrounding environment — such as exchanges or wallet, or even individual personal computer and its server — is susceptible to hacking attacks. The systems that utilize blockchain is always exposed to potential threat. Our security solution service will contribute towards disrupting the security market by integrating AI-based deep learning technology into its core security technology to become the most technologically advanced security vendor in the arena. We will work towards exploring various use cases for blockchain in the cybersecurity sector and keeping users secured and safe.


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