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Klaytn NOW: 2021 August Newsletter

The August issue covers the following:

- Launch of Klaytn Foundation + Klaytn 2.0 revealed 🎉

- Samsung Electronics to join GroundX in the BOK CBDC Pilot 👏
- Code States X Ground X to Cultivate the Next Generation of Blockchain Experts 😍

- SS Galaxy Fold X Klip Drops 🤩

- GroundX’s Hosts a digital talk concert with Klip Drops Artists on Kakao ‘mm’ 🎨

- Klip X Kakao Entertainment to Give Away 1,000 Shares before Official Listing: in NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) 💰

- Crew of the Month: Melvin, the hidden hero of CBDC!💪

1. Launch of Klaytn Foundation and Klaytn 2.0

Kakao will build a global blockchain ecosystem with the establishment of the two entities, Klaytn Foundation and Krust, in Singapore. Klaytn 2.0 was officially announced with the establishment of the Kakao subsidiary Krust on August 16th.

Krust, along with the Klaytn Foundation, will be entrusted with the global expansion of the blockchain platform Klaytn.

The Klaytn Foundation website stated that “with the establishment of the non-profit corporation Klaytn Foundation, it is expected that Kakao’s blockchain entity Krust, GroundX, as well as other ecosystem participants, will begin to actively seek expansion of territory.”

2.Samsung Electronics to join GroundX in the BOK CBDC Project 👏

Samsung Electronics will be participating in the BOK’s CBDC pilot, for which Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary Ground X has been chosen as the preferred bidder.

Samsung will be focusing on implementing the CBDC functionalities on a Galaxy smartphone, with special emphasis on the feasibility of offline payment and cash transfers.

3. GroundX Hosts a digital talk show with Klip Drops Artists on Kakao ‘mm’ 🎨

Ground X revealed on August 17th that it will host a live talk show on Kakao’s social audio platform “mm” with 7 Klip Drops artists to discuss the future of digital art.

The 2-hour-event started at 8 PM,l featuring the CEO of GroundX Han Jae-sun, as well as 7 artists participating in the Klip Drops special opening exhibition including Koh Sangwoo, Noh Sangho, Don Sunpil, Mr. Misang, Lee Sungjae, Lee Yunsung, and Charles Jang.

This event was aimed to introduce the artists’ works, as well as providing a platform to freely exchange opinions on the future of the digital art industry.

A source from GroudX stated that it was “An opportunity to listen to the explanations of the Klip Drops’ limited edition art from the creators themselves, and to discuss new possibilities for creative work opened up by digital art” and added that the blockchain company plans “further organize on/offline integrated events and exhibitions to enable more exchange between artists and users.”

A source from Kakao said, “As digital art emerges as a trend among the so-called MZ generation, we planned a meaningful event to exchange information and knowledge using the social audio platform”, and added that it will “be looking for more interesting opportunities to communicate with our users on the platform ‘mm’.”

1. Galaxy Fan Party ‘Foldable Day’ for the Launch of ‘GalaxyZ Fold3’ to Collaborate with Klip Drops

Samsung Electronics launched a Galaxy Fan Party “Foldable Day” at 8 PM, August 27th to celebrate the release of GalaxyZ Fold3 and GalaxyZ Flip3.

More than 2,000 people, consisting of old-time Foldable users, those that made early bird reservations, Galaxy fans, have been invited to the Fan Party. They participated as avatars of their choice in the metaverse platform and were able to mingle with other fans while enjoying the various events offered by Foldable Day.

Samsung prepared a wide range of programs for the fans to enjoy.

In collaboration with the digital art gallery Klip Drops, all Galaxy fans will be receiving limited edition NFT art by three artists via their Klip Wallet. The internationally recognized artist Koh Sangwoo, the iconic graphic artist Baba Jam, and the photographer JDZ took part in the event.

2. Code States — GroundX to Cultivate the Next Generation of Blockchain Experts

The IT Education startup Code States has announced the ‘Blockchain Bootcamp’ and started recruiting the very first trainees. This program is based on a contract with GroundX, Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary, and consists of a systematic curriculum that allows learners to actually develop programs using Blockchain on the platform Klaytn.

The 22-week-course, from August 30th to February 9th, 2022, is conducted 100% online. Participants will have a chance to acquire practical knowledge on basic web development, Blockchain economy, NFT application, incentive-based discussion system, and usability improvement projects. The top 5 participants that complete the course will be eligible for the first job interview at GroundX without initial screening.

Han Jae-sun, the CEO of GroundX, said “Amidst the shift of the industrial paradigm with the emergence of the blockchain technology, we are excited to collaborate with Code States, which has cultivated numerous talents in diverse fields including IT”, and added that his company “will not spare any efforts in supporting the growth of the next generation of leaders for the digital new deal.”

3. Kakao Entertainment to Give Away 1,000 Shares of Stock in NFTs before Listing

Kakao Entertainment, awaiting public listing next year, launched an event to attract potential shareholders.

According to the Hankyung TV report on August 9th, the event by Kakao Entertainment held via Kakao Webtoon, is called “Kakao Entertainment Looking for Shareholders”.

The first 100 visitors of Kakao Webtoon who log in to use the service will be given an NFT coupon, which can be redeemed for an actual share of Kakao Entertainment. “An NFT will be a more definite and effective means of verification than, say, paper”, explained a source from Kakao Entertainment.

1. Interview with Melvin, the hidden hero of the CBDC project

Click here to read the rest of our interview with Melvin.

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