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Klaytn NOW: 2021 July Newsletter

The July issue covers the following stories:

- Official Launch of The Digital Art Platform Klip Drops & Artist Lineup: “24 Future Collective” 🎉🎨

- Ground X selected for CBDC Project 👏

-KLAY X DB Insurance Promotional Event 💰

- KLAY X Samsung Insurance Promotional Event 🤩

- Interview with PR Manager Inés of GroundX👩

- The Klaytn-based Blockchain Service of the Month: Doge Sound Club 👾

Official Launch of Digital Art Platform Klip Drops & Artist Lineup: “24 Future Collective”🎉

(Klip Drops Website)

Klip, the KakaoTalk integrated digital wallet developed by GroundX launched Klip Drops, an exclusive curation service for limited-edition digital art. With Klip Drops, fascinating works of distinguished Korean artists will be recorded on the public blockchain Klaytn, to be exhibited and made available for purchase. The first drop took place on the 28th.

(24 Future Collectives)

Klip Drops is hosting the premiere exhibition “24 Future Collective” from July 28th to September 19th, featuring the works of prominent Korean artists. Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, limited-edition artworks by one of the artists will be featured. The artworks can be purchased using the cryptocurrency KLAY, with a time limit of 12 hours starting from 9 AM, and are available by auction or as a limited-edition drop.

(Klip Drops Instagram)

After the successful release of Crevasse #1 by the digital artist Mr Misang on July 28th which sold out within 27 minutes, more drops including Bonfire Meditation by Woo Kuk Won and The Story of Marti Palace Hotel by the actor/artist Ha Jung Woo are scheduled for July 30th and August 1st respectively.

They will be followed by works of unique, promising artists active in the art scene, such as the illustrator Jisu Choi, figure artist Don Sunpil, artist Lee Se Hyun (known for his depictions of striking red landscapes), the media artist group Bang & Lee, and Lee Yun Sung.

If you want to look at the complete lineup, visit our Instagram or our website.

Klip Drops Link

👉 https://klipwallet.com/?target=/drops/main

Add Klip Drops to your KakaoTalk channel and don’t miss your daily Drop notifications!

👉 http://pf.kakao.com/_CmEKs

Visit Klip Drops Website

👉 https://Klip Drops.com/

Visit Klip Drops Instagram

👉 https://www.instagram.com/Klip Drops/

Visit Klip Drops Twitter

👉 https://twitter.com/Klip Drops/

Ground X selected for CBDC Project 👏

On July 20th, GroundX was officially chosen as the preferred bidder for the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Pilot Program by the Bank of Korea (BOK), scoring 95.3754. CBDC refers to digital currency issued by the central bank. The project will be carried out until June next year and marks the 3rd and last stage of the CBDC project launched by the BOK in April last year. Amidst growing interest in the possible effects of CBDC on cryptocurrencies, the CEO of GroundX Han Jae-sun said that the company would “develop the best platform to ensure the successful implementation of the BOK’s CBDC Pilot System.”

KAS Updated 🖥️

Between June and July, KAS Team has made several updates to improve the features of KAS from the user’s perspective. Find out more below.

[KAS] Project API

Project API enables you to create projects based on secure credentials. You can add filters to the projects, such as:

  • Permitted Actions (API) and Sub-actions
  • IP Whitelisting (CIDR subnet)
  • Origin address
  • User-agent prefix
  • Field filters for query, body, rlp

Each credential supports up to 10 filters. For more details on how to manage the filters, please refer to the tutorials.

[Console] New Tutorial Section

Tutorial videos to learn the basics of KAS programming have been added to KAS Console. The videos are also available on the KAS Programming playlist in the GroundX YouTube channel. They consist of the following contents:

  • Introduction of KAS
  • Server development for mobile apps (Node.js): Functionalities for sending KLAY and viewing history, minting and sending NFTs

[Wallet API] A new API for returning the list of owned keys

A new API has been added to return the list of keys stored in Wallet. You can make the request for the keys for each KAS Resource Number (KRN).

KLAY X DB Insurance Promotion Event 💰

From traditional financial institutions to distributors, GroundX has been going at it on all fronts to achieve mass adoption of blockchain using KLAY. Thanks to such ongoing efforts, the digital wallet “Klip” for storing your KLAY has celebrated its millionth user recently, with more on the way.

In a recent collaboration between Dongbu Insurance, GroundX launched another marketing event starting on June 21th, an addition to its efforts to encourage blockchain use. To participate, go to this link and follow the instructions. You can claim ₩20,000 worth of KLAY if you purchase an insurance.

KLAY X Samsung Insurance Promotion Event 🤩

Ground X is continuing its effort to create more use cases for KLAY and to acquire more Klip users, on top of its efforts to facilitate Blockchain mass adoption.

Since registering on Klip is a necessary step to participate in the event, new users that were previously oblivious to Blockchain or cryptocurrency will get a chance to learn about them.

As part of these efforts, the promotional event with Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance has been launched on July 15th. To participate, follow this link. You can calculate your insurance premium and claim your ₩8,000 worth of KLAY.

Interview with PR Manager Inés of GroundX 👩

To read our interview with Inés, click here.

Klaytn-based Service Spotlight: Doge Sound Club 👾

Doge Sound Club is a community for NFT collectors, run by a governance based on the NFT MATES.

DSC MATEs is a bulk collection of avatars consisting of over 10,000 NFT artworks, where each of the 10,000 pieces represent a 24*24 pixel character with a unique combination of features. You can find more information about MATEs and their features in the gallery of their website.

Doge Sound Club MATEs are a collection of generative avatars — the first of its kind on Klaytn, as well as in the country. The feature “Slogan”, which allows MATE holders to collect their voices, has been deployed on the Klaytn blockchain as a smart contract.

The ownership history of 10,000 MATE tokens, which serves as the community’s membership ID and voting right, is stored on the Klaytn blockchain. You can trade them on the NFT marketplace OpenSea.

[Contents for July]

To show our commitment towards #Klaytn’s goal of global adoption, we have begun to translate our ENG/KR articles to German and French.

Six Ways to Mint NFTs on Klaytn in French

Create your own NFTs on Klaytn using Truffle in German

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