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Klaytn NOW: 2021 June Newsletter

The June issue covers the following:

- KlipDrops Teaser Page is Open 🎉

- Celebrating a Million Klip Wallet Users & Klaytn’s Two-Year Anniversary🍗

- Klaytn Goes Global: Listed on Binance 🌐

- Expansion into the Southeast Asian Market (Ecosystem):Listed on Thailand’s Upbit & Definix Airdrop Campaign 🌏💪

- Interview with Program Manager Nick, from the GroundX Wallet Group🐶

- This Month’s Spotlight: Klaytn-based Blockchain App, WITH ⚽

Klip Drops Teaser Page is Open 🎉

GroundX revealed the teaser page for Klip Drops on June 16th, its digital art marketplace, before its official launch this coming July. Klip Drops offers a platform for showcasing and selling limited-edition digital art and merchandise. The digital wallet Klip, easily accessible through the messenger app KakaoTalk, makes buying art simple and allows users to deepen their understanding of the works through integrated exhibitions and active participation. The Klip Drops official teaser page is currently accepting artist applications and recommendations. Interested candidates with a portfolio of previous works are welcome to submit an application. Artists will be selected after an internal review process, who will then get a chance to exhibit and sell their works. We look forward to your participation!

Celebrating a Million Klip Users and Klaytn’s Two-Year Anniversary! 💪

June has been a very eventful month for GroundX.

For starters, Klaytn, the blockchain platform of GroundX, has turned two years old.

Digital asset wallet ‘Klip’ also celebrated its two-year existence; during which a staggering one million users have joined the service. We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to our fans for their love and support for Klaytn and Klip during the last two years! Thank you. 🙏

Korea’s Shinhan Bank Joins Klaytn Blockchain Governance Council 👏

Shinhan Bank has joined the Klaytn Governance Council to partake in the platform’s blockchain operation.Shinhan Bank, a global financial leader in digital innovation, has built various blockchain based financial services including government policy loan, retirement pension, and derivative settlement since 2017. Officials at Shinhan Bank said they are excited to join Klaytn Governance Council involving various leading global organizations in diverse industries. To aim not only to create an ecosystem but also to introduce a digitally transformed financial service based on blockchain.

Introducing the KAS Programming Channel 📺

The KAS Programming’ series has launched on the official YouTube channel of GroundX.

Various contents are being uploaded to inform and educate users on the new features of KAS.

The step-by-step video tutorials that break down each functionality (sending KLAY, minting NFTs) include detailed explanations for newcomers of KAS to follow along with ease. The videos will also be made available through the KAS Console soon, so please stay tuned!

Klaytn Goes Global: listed on Binance! 🌐

In a significant step to expand its ecosystem and to improve accessibility, GroundX successfully listed KLAY on Binance, the largest bitcoin & altcoin exchange in the world, on June 24th. In addition to the listing of KLAY, Binance announced a KLAY reward event with Launchpool. A launchpool allows users to use a certain token to farm new tokens, so you can stake Binance Token (BNB) or Binance USD (BUSD) for KLAY.

For more details on the event and trading KLAY, please refer to the announcement on the official Binance website. Besides, Binance’s Klaytn Research Paper was also released. Click here to read the paper.

Expansion into the Southeast Asian Market and Ecosystem through Thailand’s Upbit Listing & Definix Airdrop Campaign 🌏

On June 9th, KLAY was listed on the crypto exchange Upbit Thailand as BTC trading pair.

GroundX has been pushing for listings and partnerships to gain a wider foothold in Southeast Asia, one of the key strategic markets for global expansion.

As part of this endeavor, KLAY has been listed in three countries including Upbit Singapore and Indonesia, with Thailand now joining the list. In addition, the airdrop campaign with the crypto investment platform Definix was an opportunity to raise awareness of DeFi in Southeast Asia.

Hyundai Department Store X Klip Promotion 💳

A promotional event is currently underway by GroundX and Hyundai Department Store that aims to foster real-world use of the blockchain technology.

Hyundai Department Store is offering ₩10,000 worth of KLAY to new users that sign up for the mobile card. This event is planned until July 31st, so don’t miss the chance to obtain KLAY and to benefit from the various perks of owning a Hyundai Department mobile card! Follow the link for more details on the event.

Token Pocket supports Klaytn 👛

GroundX partnered with one of the most popular digital currency wallets, Token Pocket. It is now possible to store your KLAY not only with Klip, but also with Token Pocket. For more information, please refer to Tocken Pocket’s announcement.

Interview with Program Manager Nick, from the GroundX Wallet Group 🐶

Click here for Nick’s interview.

Publication of Kakao ESG Report: Initiating a #Virtual Asset Donation Program & Inconvenience App Donation Campaign ❤️

The Kakao ESG report has been published and shared under the name of “2020 Kakao’s 2020 Kakao’s Commitment and Responsibility.”

This report, which contains ESG activities and achievements for Kakao and it’s community, also contains examples of KLAY virtual asset donation program and inconvenience app donation campaign conducted by Ground X.

  • Initiating a #Virtual Asset Donation Program

Ground X initiated a convenient donation program that leverages the cryptocurrency KLAY contained in the virtual asset wallet Klip. The donations go towards the charity organization Good Neighbors to provide face masks and drinking water to children in Zambia who are especially vulnerable to falling ill from COVID-19. Compared to conventional donation collection methods, this program is convenient and transparent. During the campaign period, 1,880 Klip users joined to raise a total of 83,309 KLAY, or roughly KRW62 million.

  • .Inconvenience App Donation Campaign

Ground X launched the ‘Inconvenience Donation Campaign’ with the Beautiful Foundation and Nitpick in 2019. Under this campaign, Ground X made donations in proportion to the number of inconvenience posts submitted to Nitpick’s app ‘Inconvenience Box’ with the keywords of ‘orphan, dementia, Utoro, and donation culture’, and a total of 3,600 posts were gathered. The app provides Social Innovator Tokens to users whenever they upload posts about their inconvenient experiences and implemented the technology of incorporating user levels and nicknames into Non-Fungible Tokens on Klaytn, the blockchain platform developed by Ground X. Those who took part in joined this campaign also shared their thoughts and even proposed solutions to social issues, demonstrating their enthusiasm to create a better world. The donations made all went to the Beautiful Foundation.

Click here to read the full report.

KIR Report Published 💬

In November 2020, Klaytn launched the open grant program “Klaytn Improvement Reserve (KIR)”. This program is intended to provide assistance to developers and researchers who wish to contribute to strengthening the foundation of the Klaytn ecosystem. We published the KIR Report to provide a summary of the achievements, tasks and future goals. For a closer look at the report and updates on KIR, please check this link.

Klaytn-based Service Spotlight: WITH ⚽

Project WITH is a new type of sports platform that assists athletes’ career development, provides information for teams to help scout players and offers a novel way for fans to interact and communicate with one another — all this using the blockchain technology.

WITH was developed to let average athletes that comprise the vast majority of the whole to have a chance to stand out, and to counterbalance the polarization in the sports industry, where only a handful of professional players receive the attention.

The services managed by the WITH application include the athlete’s profile, information for scouting, and his or her evaluation. These data are collected, distributed and utilized using the blockchain technology.

In short, WITH aims to leverage blockchain to help not only the top professional athletes with their career management, but also the semi-professionals, elites and amateurs that are outside the limelight but comprise 99% of the whole.

To read more on WITH and the details of their service, check out the following links:




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