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Klaytn NOW: 2021 September Newsletter

The September issue covers the following:

- GroundX launches Klip Drops Vol.2 🎉

- SSG.COM issues Luxury Authentication Certificates using GroundX NFTs 👏
- Paralympic NFTs issued via GroundX’s Klip 😍

- Klip Drops artist DJ KOO reveals limited edition NFTs 🤩

- #DigitalFLEXChallenge by Klip Drops 💰

- Klaytn Public Webinar (2nd) 💪

- Hex Trust Partnership 🙌

1. GroundX launches Klip Drops Vol.2 🎉

GroundX announced the launch of ‘Klip Drops Vol.2’ on September 22. Klip Drops curates artworks and merchandise created by prominent Korean artists. The art pieces will be stored on Klaytn, the blockchain platform developed by GroundX, which transforms them into unique, one-and-only pieces of digital art.

Klip Drops features 28 distinguished Korean artists every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from September 22 to November 14. On Saturdays and Sundays, the works of the four most popular artists from Vol.1 will be presented in a ‘Highlight Session’ including Mr. Misang, Jeon Byeong-sam, Woo Kuk-won, and Bang & Lee.

Jason Han, CEO of GroundX, said, “For Vol.2, we have selected 28 innovative and digital-friendly artists,” and that “users will be able to build a rapport with these artists that are establishing themselves in a wide variety of genres which include fine art, sculpture and photography.” He added, “The new Highlight Session will be an opportunity for the artists to express their philosophy and for the users to grow their collection of digital art.”

2. SSG.COM Issues Luxury Authentication Certificates Using GroundX NFTs 👏

SSG.COM announced its new luxury item authentication service “SSG Guarantee’’ starting September 26, which uses GroundX’s blockchain technology. The digital certificates serves as proof of authenticity for luxury products. It is a solution to prevent counterfeits of luxury products with enhanced security harnessing the technology of NFTs, which will be issued in smartphones. A unique serial number for each item will be included on the certificate, which cannot be copied or counterfeited. A digital certificate will contain product details, purchase history, warranty period, and security-related information.

These certificates by SSG.COM are issued by Klip Partners, the digital card-minting tool developed by GroundX. Unlike conventional paper or plastic types, the digital certificates are stored safely and conveniently in the virtual asset wallet Klip, which is conveniently integrated within KakaoTalk. SSG.COM aspires to create a trustworthy online luxury shopping atmosphere and to become a pioneer in employing digital certificates in the field.

3. Paralympic NFTs Issued via GroundX’s Klip😍

Blockchain startup Door Labs announced that it will issue Paralympic NFTs using Klip Partners, provided by GroundX.

Founded by Harvard graduate Kim Gun-ho, who himself was paralyzed from the waist down from a ski accident during his highschool years, Door Labs is a blockchain company that pursues social values, especially “raising awareness for disability.” The company was also the first ever blockchain startup to be selected for “Harvard Innovation Labs.”

Door Labs launched its website ‘KAARD’ on September 2, where it sells Paralympic NFTs ‘KOR Paralympics KAARD’. The NFTs feature 14 sports from the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics including archery and wheelchair basketball.All proceeds will go to the Korean Paralympic Committee. Door Labs partnered with GroundX to enable their NFTs to be sent to Klip, the KakaoTalk based digital wallet. Those who purchase the Paralympic NFTs from KAARD will be able to store them on Klip.

4. Klip Drops Artist DJ KOO Reveals Limited Edition NFTs 🤩

Singer, DJ and artist KOO was selected as one of Klip Drops’ artists along with Korea’s first-generation graffiti artist KOMA. Their collaboration art drop will be revealed September 29 at 9:00AM.

This artwork represents a new type of digital art with a combination of video and music. KOO also unveiled his new tune “New Jack Swing” to go with the drop, allowing the audience to connect deeper with his art. His collaborations with KOMA are receiving a lot of attention from the art scene, and will be presented September 29 at 9:00AM along with events that include limited-edition gifts.

5. #DigitalFLEXChallenge by Klip Drops 💰

GroundX is throwing the #DigitalFLEXChallenge event from September 20 to October 4.

To participate, follow Klip Drops official account on Instagram or Twitter and post your limited edition digital art with a hashtag (#). Twenty lucky winners will receive Klip Drops limited edition membership cards, the DROPS’ LOUNGE card. DROPS’ LOUNGE offers exclusive benefits on Klip Drops. Details can be found in the link below.

Link: http://pf.kakao.com/_CmEKs/86876966

6. Klaytn Public Webinar (2nd) 💪

On September 8, GroundX successfully hosted its live webinar to introduce Klaytn’s KIR Ecosystem. The #KlaytnImprovementReserve (KIR), which boasts the biggest blockchain ecosystem fund in the country, supports various projects to help them achieve global growth. Following the first webinar on NFTs, the second webinar dealt with many different issues, including the Klaytn Grant Program, KIR, Klaytnscope, the importance of explorers in networks, Quantstamp and the real-time monitoring of Klaytn. The webinar was in Korean, but a video with English subtitles for our international viewers will be uploaded on the official Klaytn YouTube channel.

7. Hex Trust Partnership 🙌

GroundX announced a partnership with Hex Trust on September 7. Asia’s leading digital asset custodian Hex Trust will work with Klaytn Foundation to provide the scalability and performance required for a massive adoption of digital assets. Following the announcement, clients of Hex Trust, including financial institutions, digital asset natives, and HNWIs, will be able to store KLAY, the native token of the Klaytn protocol, in Hex Safe™, a bank-grade custody solution for digital assets. GroundX plans to further promote and support blockchain projects through this partnership with Hex Trust.

Thank you for reading till the end :)

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