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Let Us Introduce You to the New “Klaytn Foundation”!

Recently, Klaytn has announced the official commencement of the Klaytn Foundation. Through this new phase of Klaytn, we believe our project will be developed much more than ever before, having access to new resources and partners.

Klaytn was launched in June 2019 by Ground X, making a successful business ever since. Since its beginnings, Klaytn has benefited the world through its technology and ecosystem.

By having a Klaytn Foundation, a non-profit entity headquartered in Singapore, we will expand the Klaytn world — more proactively and systematically. We will actively invest our resources in working with the best developers and businesses in the blockchain industry, to accelerate the growth of our ecosystem and the development of our technology. Moving forward, we will coordinate with developers, businesses, and with our community members to create value from their interactions.

Let’s explore this new giant step with the Klaytn Foundation and grow together!

Klaytn official community

Homepage: https://www.klaytn.foundation
Twitter: https://twitter.com/klaytn_official



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