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[Notice] Release of Klaytn v1.5.0 and caver-java v1.5.0

Klaytn v1.5.0 Release

Klaytn v1.5.0 is released on Wednesday the July 8 (GMT+9) including the following changes:

  • Implementation of state migration
  • Implementation of warm-up trie node cache
  • Use of fastcache instead of bigcache as a state trie cache layer
  • Consensus logic improvement

For detailed information, please refer to https://github.com/klaytn/klaytn/releases/tag/v1.5.0. You can also download the Klaytn packages from https://docs.klaytn.com/node/download/v1.5.0.

Accordingly, the Baobab testnet will be updated from July 13 (GMT +9), followed by the Cypress mainnet update from August 3 ~ 5 (GMT +9). Since this update does not break backward compatibility, ENs can be updated anytime.

Although the network will be fully available, you may experience instability during the update.

The next Klaytn v1.6.0 will introduce a scalable endpoint node to serve enterprise-level API requests and chain data export including internal transactions to another type of database.

caver-java v1.5.0 Release

caver-java v1.5.0 is released on Wednesday the July 8 (GMT+9) with SDK Common Architecture.

Common Architecture is a new software architecture for Klaytn development environment which is shared by all Klaytn SDKs (caver-js/caver-java). It is designed for your streamlined development experience and ease of extensibility to other programming languages. Common Architecture realizes a much easier implementation of blockchain applications with other languages if you have experiences with the existing Klaytn SDKs, as they all share the same architectural background.

For detailed information, please refer to https://github.com/klaytn/caver-java/releases/tag/v1.5.0. You can find a dependency snippet in https://bintray.com/klaytn/maven/caver-java/1.5.0.

Since caver-java does not support dynamic ABI loader unlike caver-js, this feature will be implemented soon.

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