Say hello to Kaia

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4 min readApr 30, 2024

It has been a couple of months since the passing of the Klaytn/Finschia chain merge proposal known as ‘Project Dragon’. We have been hard at work since, and today we are excited to introduce Kaia — our new brand identity!

Kaia is the blockchain for all

Kaia was born out of a desire to make blockchain technology easy to use and accessible to everyone, regardless of background or experience. Community, Sustainability, and Simplicity are the core of Kaia’s values, which act as our north star as we foster partnerships, engage our community, and embark on our journey to spearhead blockchain adoption.

  • Community: Fostering an inclusive environment where individuals can connect, collaborate, and contribute to the Kaia ecosystem.
  • Sustainability: Contributing positively to the long-term viability of our products and services, leaving meaningful impact for the future.
  • Simplicity: Ensuring clarity, efficiency, and effectiveness in everything we do within the realm of our ecosystem.

& — the symbol of our role as a facilitator of connections

As an open source, transparent, and permissionless public blockchain, Kaia is more than just the foundation or a team — Kaia can only achieve its vision by connecting users, builders, projects, brands, enterprises, and everyone in-between. To crystalize this, we have adopted a stylized ampersand as our brandmark and coin symbol.

As a conjunction used to connect two elements, & is the purest representation of our role as a facilitator of connections that can spark an explosion of creativity and growth.

A name with multiple layers of meaning

While the Kaia wordmark alludes to the union of Klaytn and Finschia, it was also derived from the greek word for ‘and’ (και) — further reinforcing our belief in the power of connection in Web3.

Furthermore, Kaia phonetically resonates with gaia, the ancient Greek goddess of the Earth and mother of all life. This pays homage to Klaytn and Finschia’s brand heritage — Klaytn was derived from ‘clay’, the crust of the earth from which all life springs forth, and Finschia was named after a genus of trees, symbolizing growth and interconnectedness.

The references to the Greek language and mythology is our way of acknowledging Greece as the birthplace of democracy, which is the core value behind Web3’s decentralized and open nature.

Our name and brandmark is an expression of our commitment to building a collaborative and inclusive platform, where everyone plays an important role in shaping our shared on-chain future.

kaia will launch by the end of June

Both the Klaytn and Finschia teams have been working tirelessly to ensure that Kaia will be maximally competitive in both technology and ecosystem, while keeping to our goal of launching the Kaia mainnet by the end of June 2024. To date, the following tasks have been completed:

  • Established mission/vision including white paper, strategy, tokenomics, and governance
  • Preliminary work to establish a new foundation based in Abu Dhabi
  • Building a new brand identity and planning for the unification of our community channels
  • Chain security audit
  • Establishment of a bilateral token swap plan between Klaytn and Finschia

What’s next?

Next on our list are the integration of Klaytn and Finschia’s community and social channels, the staffing and establishment of the Kaia DLT Foundation in Abu Dhabi, and the rebranding of infrastructural assets such as wallets and blockchain explorers, as well as communicating with exchanges where $KLAY and $FNSA are listed to update their listings to $KAIA.

By the end of June, we expect to finalize preparations for the Kaia DLT Foundation launch, as well as the token swap service, testnet, mainnet, and governance platform, alongside enhanced user and community delegation capabilities. A detailed timeline will be shared at a later date.

Collaborating with LINE NEXT to simplify the user experience

Beyond working towards the Kaia launch, we will also be collaborating with LINE NEXT, one of our governance members, to make navigating the Kaia ecosystem a simpler and more accessible experience. Tapping on their UX expertise that led to the rapid growth of their DOSI digital commerce platform, LINE NEXT will be taking over the development and operation of Kaikas, Klaytn’s official digital wallet, to transform it into an intuitive portal to the Kaia ecosystem.

Making DeFi accessible to the masses

DeFi sits at the core of every Web3 ecosystem. To ensure that every Kaia ecosystem participant can easily and safely participate in DeFi, we set up a DeFi-focused initiative that has since onboarded multiple global blue-chip DeFi projects such as Wombat, iZUMiswap, and Dragonswap, which will work together to kickstart Kaia’s DeFi ecosystem.

The unveiling of our new Kaia brand is a major milestone for us at Klaytn Foundation and Finschia Foundation, and we look forward to growing the Kaia ecosystem with our users, developers, partners, and more to collaboratively usher in Asia’s on-chain future.