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Kleros: A Year in Pictures

Moments like a token sale are for remembering what brought us here.

Federico’s TED Talk on Decentralized Justice. November 2016.
Federico speaking at the Blockchain Governance panel in Ethereal Conference. New York City, May 2017.
A TV interview in Argentina. Buenos Aires, June 2017.
Federico, invited by the government of Colombia to speak about Kleros as a potential solution of customer disputes in the telecommunications system. Cartagena, Colombia, August 2017.
Clément presenting at Devcon3. Cancún, November 2017.
Clément’s talk about Kleros at Devcon3. November 2017.
Federico and Clément, at the Dev3 conference in Cancún. November 2017.
Our meeting with Liberland’s President Vit Jedlicka to help them build their decentralized justice system. November 2017.
Federico at Thomson Reuters NY Headquarters during the selection process for the Thomson Reuters incubator. December 2017.
Having lunch in New York with Santiago Siri and Pia Mancini from Democracy Earth, and Juan Llanos from Consensys. December 2017.
Last shooting session of Federico’s online course “La Disrupción del Blockchain”, the first blockchain course in Spanish on platform Coursera. Buenos Aires, January 2018.
Federico speaking at a panel on the Singularity, at the Decentralized AI conference in San Francisco. February 2018.
Federico and Truebit’s Robbie Bent in Truebit House. San Francisco, February 2018.
Presenting at the Blockchain at Berkeley Blockchain Group. March 2018.
Sam (Dapp developer), Enrique (front end dev), Clément (CTO) and Federico (CEO) at the Berkeley Blockchain Group. March 2018.
Federico and Clément, near the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. February 2018.
Clément presenting about Kleros and the challenges of smart contract enforced dispute resolution at a meetup in Santa Clara. March 2018.
Federico, Clément and Sam visiting Singularity University at NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View. March 2018.
In March 1, we announced a partnership with Ink Protocol for using Kleros technology in e-commerce disputes and token curated lists.
Federico, Sam, Nico, Clément and William in a working session during Kleros’ team meeting in Paris. March 2018.
Nico, Romina, Stuart, Federico, William, Sam and Clément. Kleros team walking on Champs Elysées. Paris, March, 2018.
More of the team working and hanging out in Paris.
Federico and Sam with a Pinakion, the token used by the Ancient Greek to select jurors for their trials. Museé du Louvre, March 2018.
This is a very cool video that Stuart made out of our team meeting in Paris. A great way for you to meet the team.
Federico’s talk about Kleros and the role it plays in the broader blockchain ecosystem. ETHCC Conference. Paris, March 2018.
Clément‘s talk “Griefing Opportunities in Kleros” at the ETHCC conference. Paris, March 2018.
Clément and William giving a Game Theory workshop during ETHCC.
During the ETHCC Conference, we presented our prototype. March 2018.
Clément and Federico trying Korean food at Seoul. March 2018.
With the Llamacorn, Token 2049 Hong Kong Conference pet. March 2018.
Federico speaking at Blockchain and its Application Today at the conference Token 2049. Hong Kong, March 2018.
On March 26, we announced a partnership with Dether to use Kleros as dispute resolution layer of disputes in crypto trading.
Nico one of the Kleros founders and Devs speaking at AssEth in Lyon.
TV appearances at about Kleros by Federico.
Clément talking in front of an illustrious crowd at EthLondon.
Stuart getting in on the speaking engagements giving a talk at d10e Liberland. Here with President Vit Jedlicka
The talk can be viewed here starting at the 15:05s mark.

This has been the first year of many for Kleros and we hope you can join us in our quest to provide affordable, efficient and secure arbitration services for all. The road to a better justice system for all is being paved now.

From all the Kleros team: To another great year!

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Federico Ast

Federico Ast

Ph.D. Blockchain & Legaltech Entrepreneur. Singularity University Alumnus. Founder at Kleros. Building the Future of Law. @federicoast / federicoast.com