Kleros and Dether Team Up to Deliver Decentralized Arbitration

Users of crypto payment platform Dether will soon be able to use Kleros decentralized justice protocol to arbitrate disputes.

Dether is a platform that allows users to buy and sell crypto. Sometimes, these transactions end in a dispute. And Dether team need a way to handle them. This is no easy task when traders can span countries, continents and jurisdictions.

Kleros is a decentralized autonomous organization that crowdsources jurors to consider the evidence and fairly adjudicate disputes. Jurors have an economic incentive to self-select into disputes for which they have the right skills, and to vote honestly (to learn more about how this works, read Kleros’ white paper).

We are happy to announce that we’re partnership with Dether team for using our dispute resolution technology for disputes arising between users in their platform. Instead of relying on outdated laws, Kleros gives parties the opportunity of using an arbitration system specifically designed for the Internet Age.

But not just that. It will also be used to ensure that merchants in Dether platform are supplying accurate and honest listings that meet the terms of service. This is another important use case of Kleros: token curated lists.

For Dether users, this will mean a safer platform to make transactions. For Dether team, it will mean a way to delegate dispute resolution to a specialized actor, instead of having to worry about it themselves.

In the future, using the ERC792 arbitration standard proposed by Kleros will enable Dether users to select interoperable arbitrators. Users will be able to select Kleros, as well as any other arbitrator complying with the standard.

Blockchain dispute resolution is still in its infancy, and hastening its adoption calls for demonstrating the technology in action.

This partnership with Dether is another important step in achieving our vision of building a decentralized justice system for the Internet Age.

Exciting times ahead. Stay tuned!

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