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Launching Kleros Early Juror Program: Token Airdrop

We are happy to announce the launch of Kleros’ Early Juror Program: the goal of which is to attract would be jurors who will take part in our beta. In order to launch pilots and start testing Kleros technology, an airdrop of 5 million pinakion (PNK), the platform token, will be conducted.

A pinakion, the bronze token that Ancient Athenians used for drawing jurors in their court system.

Why an Airdrop?

Kleros is an arbitration protocol that connects users who need to solve disputes with jurors who have the knowledge and skills to fairly settle them. Users are incentivised to be jurors in Kleros as doing so allows them to earn ETH arbitration fees.

However, how can we make sure jurors will behave honestly? How does one go about designing a mechanism that delivers fast, affordable, and transparent arbitration?

The PNK token plays a key role in the incentive mechanism. Users need to deposit PNK into a subcourt in order to be eligible as jurors (different subcourts are specialized in different types of disputes: freelancing, e-commerce, insurance, etc).

Users who self-select into subcourts in which they have the right skills and who vote honestly, will tend to earn PNK. Jurors who self-select into subcourts in which they are not qualified or try to game the system, will tend to lose PNK.

(To learn more about how all this works, read our white paper. Also, watch William, our cryptoeconomic researcher, explain how PNK protects Kleros against the sybil attack).

A key part of our research and development roadmap involves testing and calibrating the mechanism that allows Kleros to produce fair rulings. In coming months, we plan to develop pilots which aim to shed light on a number of questions:

  • How do juror voting patterns work?
  • In which cases can a Schelling Point be found?
  • How many jurors are typically needed to reach a valid decision?
  • Are there biases in the way jurors vote?
  • How can such biases be corrected?
  • How to design a mechanism that optimizes for cost and speed of resolution?
  • Is Kleros able to produce decisions faster and cheaper than alternative dispute resolution methods?

These questions cannot be answered by theorizing in an ivory tower. We need to get out of the office and do empirical work.

We have already begun signing partnerships with organizations that will use Kleros as their arbitration solution (see the announcements of our agreements with Ink Protocol and Dether). Partners provide liquidity on the demand side of the arbitration marketplace: disputes requiring arbitration.

The goal of the early juror program is to produce liquidity on the supply side: users who provide arbitration services. For users to be able to adjudicate disputes, they need to have access to PNK tokens. This is the reasoning behind the airdrop.

The combination of partnerships and Kleros’ Early Juror Program will set the ground for our early research pilots and for bootstrapping the network.

How will the Airdrop Work?

The general conditions for the PNK airdrop within Kleros’ Early Juror Program are the following.

  1. A total of 1 billion PNK tokens will ever be created.
  2. The airdrop will distribute 5 million PNK (0.5% of the total tokens).
  3. The first 5,000 participants who complete this form will be eligible to receive 1,000 PNK each via airdrop.
  4. Submissions will close on April 17th at 12pm UTC.
  5. Only one submission per person will be accepted.
  6. Participants will be required to comply with a number of conditions explained in the application form, such as providing some information about their expertise and making a commitment to be a part of the community for the duration of the early juror program.
  7. Tokens will be distributed within 30 days of the end of the first round of our token sale.
The courthouse is built. It’s time to start filling it with jurors.

As a participant in Kleros Early Juror Program, you will contribute to the development of a game changing protocol in the blockchain ecosystem and beyond. You will actively test our MVP and help laying the foundations for the final implementation of the product.

Apply for Kleros Early Juror Program here and participate in the airdrop.

Help us build the future of justice!

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