Meet us in Paris!

As you might know, we are a remote team building the next Layer of Dispute Resolution on blockchain.

At least once a year, we have the opportunity to get together. This time, what a better place than Paris?

We will be gathering in our “Kleros House,” working together, doing workshops for the community and joining EthCC, of course.

EthCC stands for Ethereum Community Conference. One of the most relevant events for the Ethereum community. It will take place 8th — 10th March 2018 in Paris. The speakers are just all amazing people bringing lots of value to the table.

This is a snapshot of we have prepared for our Paris Meeting in March

Our first Kleros Community AMA will be held via video live stream on March 6th at 5.00 pm UTC from our kleros House in Paris. We will have the opportunity to answer questions from the community. We have created a thread on Reddit beforehand, where you can add your questions as a comment.

How cool is that? All the Team at a time!

You are still on time to submit your questions or vote here if you haven’t done so. Stay tuned on our Telegram group where we will share the link to the live video.

Then, we have a couple of workshops and talks on schedule during EThCC conference.

Clement will be one of our speakers at the conference, talking about an interesting topic: Griefing opportunities in Kleros. Day 1 at 11.30 am

Federico will talk about the Kleros proposal as a New Justice System for the Decentralized Internet. Day 3 at 2.00 pm

The Kleros Team as a whole, on our commitment to educating the community, as a multidisciplinary Team is engaged in educational activities. Each one of us in our own field.

Clement and William’s workshop will introduce basic game theoretical concepts in the form of simple economic games played among the participants. Introduction to Game Theory for Blockchain. Day 2 at 2.00 pm.

Our Devs Sam, Nico, and Clement will be teaching Smart Contract Hacking on site during their workshop. Day 3 at 2.00 pm

Finally, we have some meet-ups and activities with the general public in which we will be glad to share what blockchain is all about.

Stay tuned for more!

Kleros is a blockchain Dispute Resolution Layer for virtually everything. It relies on game theoretic incentives for jurors to rule cases correctly. The result is a dispute resolution system that renders ultimate judgements enforced by smart contracts in a decentralized way.

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