🇸🇬 series #1

Hihi!! I’m back here again. Feeling kinda nostalgic typing a post here on Wordpress after what feels like forever (I typed the TW ones on my phone).

Thought I’d jump back on the Wordpress editing since we’re so far apart again :)

If I have to be entirely ENTIRELY honest, I was feeling q shitty the past few days since you left. It’s a mixture of emotions really– tinge of jealousy because of all the amazing naturey stuff you can do, accompanied by sadness and nostalgia over my past NOC experience too. The reality of not being able to have that year-long experience back really hits your heart and memories real hard. Then it follows a little sadness because 1) I miss you a little and 2) You’re probably so incredibly busy or want a break from sg or MAYBE ITS THE TIME DIFFERENCE IDK but we only chat like what, twice a day?? If this is gonna be like that for the remaining months then there needs to be some serious adjusting to do on my end. BUT NEGATIVE THINGS ASIDEEEE, I really really really feel very happy for you now that you’re finally getting to live in a beautiful country like Stockholm. I’m 100% positive you’ll love it even more.

Moving on to EVEN MORE POSITIVE NOTES, the past few days also got me thinking more about realigning my mindsets– Making best out of a decision/ situation. I mean why spend so much of my time and mind cooped up in negativity or sadness, right?! I should also be making the most of my time, being the happiest I can be :) And that thought really light something up in my head; the desire to take action.

I am vvvv happy and cannot be more excited for you on this new adventure :) I genuinely feel that and I don’t feel like that towards someone before << I’ll explain what this feeling is in the next few lines. I was shocked when I re-evaluated my feelings because I’ve never felt so happy seeing a person enjoy something and knowing that they deserve (?) it?? Like it just clicked. Now I understand what you mean whenever you say how you’re happy that I’m happy/ am happy for me when I do something exciting. It’s a nice feeling :) And knowing that you’re in such a serene place and starting work at a role you beat yo peers to get (😈) when all the loser NUS kids have to go back to school tomorrow but you’re freaking going to work in SWEDEN. Wow.

But I cant believe its only been 3 days fak HAHA.

You didn’t tell me that being on this end of this relationship (as in being the one back in sg) was so tough HAHAHA.


I was ALSO doing a lot of thinking recently and I just realised that I’ll be doing quite a lot of travel on this job– Something I thought I wouldn’t be doing in my life HAHHA. Its Hazel with her I CONFIRM WONT DO THIS THIS THIS and then BAM ends up doing it anyways. I was thinking about the topic of migration, seeing how many of my colleagues migrated here from Australia…. and I wonder if I would do the same too. And I think I’m slowly opening up to the idea of working in another country for maybe 1/2 years (?) and then coming back. I find myself being less closed off to the idea already. I think its the independence I find myself gaining and the ‘OKAY-ness’ Just thought it was surprising that I would think this way.


^ Side note: These cupcakes were at the canteen on Friday…. SO DELICIOUS OMG DROOLS. I took one only damnit should’ve dabao-ed more home HAHHA.


PS ^ thanks for this :) I didnt know you left my earrings there and I think one of them dropped out somewhere AHAHA shiatzz… But it made me smile to finally see the other earring there and that you still remembered. AND THE SEWING…. I MEAN THE TEXT…..

Por favor with the jokes ah I almost died.

More posts to come!