© Sakasa Kebari Black Devil, Chris Brooks

The Sakasa Kebari Black Devil

A Beginner’s Guide: How to tie the Sakasa Kebari Black Devil Tenkara Fly Pattern

One of my favorite parts of fly fishing & fly tying is the constant back-and-forth between ‘the old-ways’ and ‘new-hotness’. Rod technology changes every year, new fly materials come out each season, waders get a little more wader-y…and if history is a testament to performance, the Sakasa Kebari has definitely withstood the test of time.

I kept experimentation with this pattern to a minimum, and only made two minor tweaks. The body is made with EZ Magic Dub. I love this corded body material because it is very easy to get a slim tapered-body, and it has a bit more scruff to it than thread, but not as much as dubbing or yarn.

The red hot-head is resin covered Glo-brite floss. I like doing quasi-beadheads on Tenkara patterns with resin instead of a bead because I can control the distance between the head and hook eye. It also looks a bit different than a bead, the weight and performance seems to be similar. Note, this fly is tied from the hook-eye → down to the butt section, with the whip finish being on the butt section, not at the hook-eye.

Tip — If you are just getting into fly tying, you may want to consider starting with Tenkara flies. The initial investment in materials and tools is substantially lower in cost; with the added benefit that anything you buy for tying Tenkara flies will also be used for tying standard flies.

Pattern Details

  • Family — General Attractor
  • Category — Tenkara Fly
  • Lifecycle Stage — Emerger
  • Style — Sakasa Kebari
  • Best for Seasons — All Year
  • Best Time of Day — All Day
© Sakasa Kebari Black Devil, Chris Brooks

***Note — The materials below are linked to local fly shops & small businesses. Please consider supporting them with your purchase if you decide to tie up your own version of the pattern. If you aren’t buying anything at the moment, no worries, please follow the channel so we can continue supporting our fishing community. Thanks, I appreciate your time!



  1. Mount hook in vise, turn upside down for the hot-head
  2. With the Glo-brite floss in your bobbin, wrap a small bead-shaped head behind the eye. Whip finish and snip.
  3. Cover the floss with a thin coat of UV cure resin, cure with UV light
  4. Attach thread behind hot-head, tie in hackle feather
  5. Tie in EZ Magic dub behind hackle feather, wrap down hook to secure EZ Magic dub to mid-point on barb, return thread to hackle
  6. Wrap hackle and tie down
  7. Wrap EZ Magic dub down hook towards butt, tie off at mid-point on barb, snip excess dub
  8. Whip finish and cement at butt-end.

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