The cost of neglecting student experience? #SX

Creating a tightly knit campus community has positive financial implications.

As the demand of new skills surges, learner numbers keep rising each year. Typically as an RTO scales, it is difficult to make sure each learner doesn’t get lost in the crowd and actually receives a wholesome academic experience?

And what’s the result of them becoming alienated? — Attrition.

Student attrition has a ghastly cost. Undergraduate student attrition costs Australian universities $ 1 Billion per year, with the median university losing $ 20 M from students withdrawing within the first year.

At an average revenue per domestic student at $ 18,500 and international student at $ 29,000, the 15% national attrition figure constitutes a loss between $ 277,500 to $ 435,000 for a small scale RTO accommodating just 100 learners.

According to a study done by the Education Policy Institute, 77% of college dropouts leave because they feel like “the college doesn’t care” or they receive “poor service and treatment”.

While these numbers seem dismal, there are actions we can take in order to help students persist. According to Hanover Research; increasing social connectedness, improving faculty/approachability and responsive student support services proved to be successful mechanisms to higher student engagement.

Activating these student experience levers could seem like a mammoth project. However, there is a rapid way to accelerate the process. With over 97% of learners now using smartphones to aid their academic experience, it presents a cost effective and rapidly scaleable medium to make improvements overnight.

Learners already look to social platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp to make new connections on campus, ask for advice and find events etc. The aspect these platforms are missing, is the connection to faculty and staff. Simply transferring this behaviour to a platform that mergers official campus members, communication and activities with informal networking, provides a new form of wholistic community engagement.

Kliq’s campus directory, bulletin board, chat groups, support chat channels, event organiser and other social features were designed to empower learners by putting the whole campus (formal and informal) in the palm of their hands.

Contact us at Kliq to see how we can help you change your student experience overnight.