Modeling a Pumpkin Patch with Rhino

To familiarize myself with Rhino’s 3D modeling capabilities, I decided to create a pumpkin patch.

Here’s an interactive 3D model (also find it on SketchFab):

The Process

I started out by creating a lumpy circle on the xy plane to approximate the top view of a pumpkin. Then, from the front view, I created a curve to approximate a slice of a pumpkin’s side profile on the xz axis.

Next, with history turned on, I used the RailRevolve tool to revolve the xz curve (on the Front view) 360 degrees, following the xy curve.

From this central “pumpkin factory,” I iterated on the shape, copy-pasted iterations, and grew the pumpkin patch.

One the biggest challenges was discovering what curves and parameters make a pumpkin look like a pumpkin, then translate that into Rhino by manipulating the curves. My early “pumpkins” look more like lumpy apples, but I ended up figuring out how to create the signature divets with specific clusters of points on the xy curve.

Here’s a video demonstrating my working file, initial shape creation, and iteration process:

Many thanks to this tutorial and this instructable, which were incredibly helpful throughout this project.