Age Of DeFi Joins The Dark Side

New Farm & Raid up on Dark Knight FTM

Dark Knights we have Age of DeFi ($AOD) joining the dark side today.

They are a next Generation Yield Farm on #Fantom — — Dual Farming system. Simple & Stable

Here’s how you can get started on our Dark Knight platform.

What’s Opened Up In The Dark Side

Farms for AOD — FTM LP to earn $dKNIGHT

Raid Pools $dKNIGHT → $AOD

How To Buy & Farm With Your AOD— FTM LP

Navigate to the DARK KNIGHT website to purchase some $AOD

Make sure your wallet is connected first & you can search for $AOD and it should auto-populate.

If not you may need to enter in the contract address for $AOD


Click $AOD to add it to the transaction box.

Using your FTM you can purchase $AOD

If you have trouble with purchasing the price may be moving too quickly and you may need to adjust your slippage.

You can adjust the slippage by the gear icon.

Remember you will need an equal amount of $FTM & $AOD to make your LP & you will need to leave some $FTM for gas for your transactions.

When you are happy with your amount press “Swap”

Double check everything is good then hit “Confirm Swap” & pay the gas fee

If you get this error you need to check the slippage. See the above section on adjusting for slippage

Press confirm & wait for your transaction to go through

Remember you’ll need an equal amount of FTM & $AOD to make the LP & extra FTM for gas!

Add Your LP

This will be the direct link for adding AOD FTM LP (there may be a delay for $AOD to load into the screen give it some time, you can always do this manually by inputting the contract address)

You need an equal amount of FTM + AOD to make the pair

Press “Approve DUO” you may need to wait for the screen to change to “Supply” or refresh the page after a bit

Press “Supply” & then “Confirm Supply” if everything looks good.

Once that final transaction is successful you’ll be able to see your LP tokens that you created at the bottom of the screen.

Farm Time! Bring your LP to the “Farms” tab

Here is the direct link

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on AOD FTM LP

Hit “Approve Contract.” Once the approve goes through your menu will change to having “Stake” Press that to add your LP & start watching your $dKNIGHT stack up!

  1. “+” Adds more LP (this will appear after you stake some LP in)
  2. “-” Take LP out (this will appear after you stake some LP in)
  3. “Harvest” Claim the $dKNIGHT you have earned into your wallet

$dKNIGHT → $AOD Raid Pool

Dark Knights! You can now put your $dKNIGHT tokens to use in the RAID Pool to earn $AOD

Head to the Raids tab if you are doing this from the main menu

You’ll need to first “Approve dKNIGHT”

  1. The “+” button allows you to stake your $dKNIGHT
  2. “Unstake dKnight” takes the $dKNIGHT out of the pool & back to your wallet
  3. “Harvest” — claims the partner token ($AOD)to your wallet

When a Pool is just launched you can check the Details tab and you will see a end countdown. This is when the rewards for a pool will start when that block time is at 0. Once it ends the true time for the duration of the pool will begin. You can reference these other pools to see.

So the higher the number the longer the pool will last. Each number represents a block and 1 block in FTM is approximately equal to 1 second so you can figure out how much duration a particular Raid may have left.

Enjoy those AOD rewards!

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