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Knight Lands Dev Blog — 05/08/2022

As the sun rises over the treetops, a new dev blog is illuminated.

It’s time for another update on the development progress of Knight Lands! This week, we’ll hone in on some awesome-looking 3D animations of our spiders, as well as show some progress on the buildings in the game.

All content is subject to change

There will be no video this week as Hamilton is traveling. Videos will resume in the next Dev Blog.


There has been a heavy focus on 3D animations these past 2 weeks as we look to flesh out various assets for a 2 minute cinematic trailer that we’re working on. The goal is to be able to use the assets in the game as well as the trailers so we can efficiently save time in development.

Here we can see one of our small spiders in a turning movement. It’s important for us to make sure there are animations for all potential movements that our mobs will make. This way, the game will be fluid and give the immersive feeling of life.

Next, we have an animation of our Consort Spider taking damage. After we’re happy with all the animations, we’ll add the textures that have been confirmed by our art department. Then we can import the spider into our prototype for testing with in-game mechanics.

Our Hermit Spider has also entered 3D development and is looking fantastic. Notice the details around the facial area to amplify the dark aspect of the game. It’s important to note that the game is an MMORRPG, so the details will need to be scaled down for the games’ FOV. However, putting the details in is very useful for trailers, marketing content, and in-game cinematics if we need them. We can also easily determine what it may look like further away without problems if we start in higher detail.

Finally, for art and design, we have some well thought out architecture for a city wall and gate. This will play into the lore of the game and help to bring the feeling of protection from the dark, challenging wilderness of the massive Knight Lands world.


Our devs are continuing to work very hard on the server side and the abilities creator.

On the server side, we’ve been busy doing some rewrites on our inter-process communication layer to make talking between servers more reliable. We’ve also been working on AI and implementing AI states.

Besides that, there’s work going into:

  • Gui Engines
  • Multiplayer
  • More abilities to test
  • Animation integration

That concludes this week’s dev blog. For further updates, be sure to check back in two weeks. As a game studio, we intend to be as honest and reliable as possible for all of you who are enthusiastic about the high-quality game we’re making.

See You in The Knight Lands⚔️,

The Knight Lands Team🏰

Knight Lands is a F2P, P&E, MMORPG that aims to deliver creative gameplay and utility to the decentralized gaming space.

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