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Knight Lands Dev Blog — 14/10/2022

While you watch the outlines of ominous monsters creeping through the woods, another dev blog emerges.

This week, both our game development and art divisions achieved outstanding strides. We hope to demonstrate our openness and reliability to the community at large through these blogs. If you appreciate that, do help us by passing this along to another player.

All content shown in this blog is subject to change


Our Art & Design division is hard at work, creating animations. It’s exciting to say that we have all our spider models fleshed out and are in the final stages of animation for some of the mobs.

As you can see, many of our base animations are now in testing. This means, we’re happy with the movement of the spiders but will need to make tweaks to make them seem as lifelike as possible.

Here is our Small Spider in a stun position. It’s important when creatures are stunned to make sure they have some animations running so the player knows they are still alive and not glitched. For some mobs, this can also be a time when players can attack so having it recognizable is important.

Finally for art and design, we have our Defender Spider displaying a grab animation. With each of our mobs having multiple styles of attack, the speed of this animation will be key for players to know when the grab could potentially be coming and allow them time to avoid it before taking damage.


We’re proud to say that our world-class game developers have made innovative breakthroughs in various areas.

Finalizing the scripting engine — Tuning/improvement passes over the engine.

Extended the Creature and Command Managers — Commands and Creature AI can be implemented, modified, and even removed using the engine without needing a full server restart and recompile, which saves us massive development time in the future.

Server infrastructure breakthrough — The design is now incredibly fast, efficient beyond belief, elegant, and very clean. We’ve talked about this in previous blogs but the achievements in this area are made up of industry-leading innovations.

In-house Remote Procedural Call(RPC) layer revisited — In order to have the services as RPC servers themselves instead of just RPC clients. This means each service (Authentication / Region / World) can communicate directly with another service without tunneling traffic through the Master Connection Service. This allows us to easily implement social aspects of the game such as Chatting and Friend Lists. Since each chat type needs to be handled by a different service depending on the chat type. The World Service handles these social services, which will appropriately process each social request based on its type and do all the needed logic.

This is a picture of the server structure so far. We show you this as lots of projects in the GameFi space are lacking transparency. our dev blogs are a way for you to know that we’re all working incredibly hard to create a fantastic Dark-Fantasy MMORPG for you all to play.

That concludes this week’s dev blog. For further updates, be sure to check back in two weeks. As a game studio, we intend to be as honest and reliable as possible for all of you who are enthusiastic about our game.

See You in The Knight Lands⚔️,

The Knight Lands Team🏰

Knight Lands is a F2P, P&E MMORPG that aims to deliver creative gameplay and utility to the decentralized gaming space.

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