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🎃Knightlands: Halls of the Dead🎃

Players will compete for event prizes in a brand new, dungeon crawler-like event game mode “Halls of the Dead”. Each day, players will randomly spawn a new dungeon floor, and they will have to clear it to gain Halloween Keys. Halloween Keys are used to open Halloween chests which grants various types of rewards randomly. This mode will be an even playing field for all to join with no additional premium services available in this event aside from buying the event pass which grants you more Halloween Keys. Players with the event pass will also battle it out for a spot on the Halloween event's top 100 leaderboards!

Start Date: 31/10/2021

Time: 1800 GMT + 7 (11h UTC)

How does it work?

  • Upon successfully clearing a dungeon floor, players will have to wait until the next day for them to unlock the next floor
  • If a player has joined the event late, he can unlock new floors until he reaches the maximum amount of floors available, which is defined by the number of days that the event has been going on for
  • Players will use energy to interact with various places/items in the dungeon.
  • Energy is restored between fights, calculated as a point per X amount of seconds.
  • Event Pass: 1-time purchase of $20 which will last for the whole event duration of 18 days. This pass will allow the player to gain more Halloween keys and thus more rewards from the Halloween Chests.
  • Simple battle mechanic {Dash > Block > Slash > Dash}
  • Main hand equipment — improves damage when the player attacks with corresponding attack symbol on the weapon (Dash/Block/Slash)
  • Offhand equipment — improves defense when theplayer misses and enemy attacks with the corresponding symbol (Dash/Block/Slash)
  • If the player dies, he can only move to a REVEALED cell for any distance, for 2 energy.
Battle Mechanic in Dungeon

Available Rewards

6000$ USDC prize pool for top 100 players (Event Pass Exclusive)

•Raid Tickets
•Premium boosters of all kinds
•Advanced summoning scrolls
•Demonic keys
And more

Special NFTs

⚔️Collect all 6 pieces of this Halloween Equipment Set from the event

🏆Exchange for Limited Edition NFT skin (usable in future gameplay)


Energy is being used when the player:

•Makes a move
•Use the altar
•Reveal hidden rooms
•Defuse traps
•Fight enemies in the dungeon
•Collect loot

Items in the dungeon:

•Potion — invisible for 10 moves, do not trigger traps and aggressive enemies
•Scroll — reveal closest hidden cell
•Key — used to safely remove trap

*Players can only proceed to the next floor if they killed all the enemies

Leaderboard points are collected by:

•Defeating enemies with different difficulties (as seen by their stars)
•Difficulty 1/2/3/4/5/6 →1/2/3/4/5/6 points respectively (4/5/6* appears as 1/2/3 purple stars)
•Using HP altar →1 point
•Collect Loot →1 point
•Using Energy altar →2 points
•Defuse Traps →3 points

Do join our discord and telegram channels to provide any feedback you have or just to chat with our team and community.

See You in The Knightlands⚔️,

The Knightlands Team🏰

Knightlands is a multi-chain RPG, founded with the vision of bringing back the nostalgia of old browser games while delivering creative gameplay and utility to the decentralized gaming space.

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