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Knights: Prologue - March Holiday NFT Event

Knights! It’s time for another event! You know what that means. It means you’ll have the chance to grab more NFTs with your progress on Knights: Prologue this holiday!

The NFTs you can get for this event are:

  • Frames for your nicknames in Knight Lands
  • Cosmetic hats for your characters in Knight Lands

Event description

This Holiday event is a spring event that invites players to play a card game on a 3x3 board. The player appears in the central cell and must move around the field, destroy enemies and collect gold. There will be various boosters that will help players in their battle.

Movement is carried out when the player’s card is moved to an adjacent cell. Movement can only be carried out horizontally or vertically. Diagonal movement or jumping across a cell is forbidden. The center cell is a “dead zone” for all cards except the player’s card.

A card will not be able to move if it is placed in the center cell, and it disappears only after interacting with the player.

A battle will begin when a player’s card reaches a cell with an enemy card.

The various boosters are activated by moving the player’s card to a corresponding cell with a booster.

Event ticket

Event ticket — an in-game currency that is needed to enter the event and is only used in this event.

How to obtain:

  • Group raids (Normal/Free) (Non-Guaranteed drop)
  • Daily Rewards

Event gold

Event gold — an in-game currency that will only be used in this event.


  • Pet upgrades
  • Purchase starter boosters

How to obtain:

1)Destroyed enemies and bosses

2)Destroyed boosters

3)Gold Cards

  • Could be found in a barrel — Gold Card value= Barrel original HP
  • Could appear after destroying an enemy, boss, or booster card— Gold Card value = An enemy, boss, or booster original HP
  • Could randomly appear on the game board — Gold Card value= Random HP from 1 to 5
  • Amount of Event gold = Value of the Gold Card

4)Event Shop

  • Purchase using Shinies.
  • Purchase using FLESH.

Event rating

There will be five different rating brackets for each type of pet. The rating of the player’s pet depends on the amount of gold that a specific type of pet has earned. Players that are in the 5 different rating brackets for each type of pet will win additional rewards.

Event Cards

This event contains eight different types of cards:

  1. Pets — Initially, the player only has one pet card , but using Event gold, he will be able to obtain additional cards and upgrade them. After the upgrade, each card gains abilities based on interactions with other card types.
  2. Enemies — These cards have several tiers and appear randomly on the field in an empty cell.
  3. Boss — Only one Boss card will ever be on the field at one point in time. The Boss card has increased health and will increase the player’s maximum health after the player wins.
  4. Traps — These cards have several tiers and appear randomly on the field in an empty cell. Traps are weaker than enemies, but they can disable the player’s abilities.
  5. Boosters — These are power-up cards which appear randomly on the field or could appear from barrels/chests. There are several types of boosters:
  • Restores the player’s health.
  • Increases the player’s max HP until the end of the session.
  • Increases armor of the player.
  • Deals damage to nearby enemies and other cards.
  • Doubles the health of all cards in nearby slots (does not apply to pets and boss cards)

6. Barrels — These cards appear randomly and may contain boosters or enemies cards.

7. Chests — These cards randomly appear in empty cells after killing a boss card and contains the most powerful booster cards. To open the Chest, players need to win the mini-game.

8. Gold Cards — These cards replenish Event gold. They can randomly appear on the field or where there is a destroyed booster card.

Daily Rewards

Players will receive a reward for logging in and playing the event daily.

Daily reward = Event ticket

The reward is calculated in an arithmetic progression using the formula n + 1, where n is the previous number.


  • 1st day — 1 Event ticket
  • 2nd day — 2 Event ticket
  • 3rd day — 3 Event ticket
  • 4th day… etc.

If a player misses a day of claiming, the reward for the next day is calculated starting from the missed day.


  • 1st day — 1 Event ticket
  • 2nd day — 2 Event ticket
  • 3rd day — missed
  • 4th day — 3 Event ticket
  • 5th day — 4 Event ticket
  • 6th day… etc.

Pets cards and their abilities

The player can unlock five different types of pets and upgrade each pet to maximum level III by spending Event gold.

A player can hold a total of 15 different cards in his collection.

All pets will have different abilities that increase with each level.

Pet class and abilities:

Pet class #1.

  • I) No abilities
  • II) Heath booster value +1
  • III) Armor level booster value +1

Pet class #2.

  • I) Bow damage +1
  • II) When two bows are stacked level +2 damage
  • III) Bomb explosion does no damage

Pet class #3.

  • I) Max HP +1
  • II) 50% Chance to Block 1 Damage
  • III) Extra life at the start of the session

Pet class #4.

  • I) Gold +1 from gold card
  • II) +20% extra Gold per session
  • III) Chest opens without needing to play the mini-game

Pet class #5.

  • I) All barrels contains positive cards
  • II) HP can exceed the maximum, but if the maximum is exceeded, then the booster does not have an effect
  • III) Turns armor into ball lightning card


The trap has two positions:

  • Open — an open trap that will damage the player.
  • Closed — a closed trap has no HP, and the player can destroy it without losing any health.

Any player action, including destroying the barrel and opening chest, will change the position of the trap.

The traps may block the pet’s abilities for 1–2 turns when activated and the duration of the trap depends on the trap’s level.


Barrels will contain a booster or an enemy card.


  • Regeneration booster card
  • Armor booster card
  • Bow card
  • Enemy card


Chests contain improved booster cards that can be obtained via mini-games.


  • Players have three locks and one key.
  • Open Chest> Success > Loot received
  • Open Chest> Fail > Chest is swapped with an enemy, regular booster, or trap card

Content — improved booster cards:

  • Session HP booster
  • Ball lightning
  • Dragon breath
  • Bomb

Regular Booster Cards:

Regeneration booster card

  • Increases current player’s health (<= max HP)

Armor card

  • The maximum amount of armor is limited to 6 and cannot exceed the specified value.
  • Booster doesn’t take any effect in case of max armor
  • User receives damage > Armor spent > HP spent

Bow card

  • Causes damage to enemies and boosters, stacks with another bow
  • Damage range one cell
  • When hitting from a bow into another bow, their HP is combined.

Improved Booster cards:

Session HP booster card

  • Current pet HP+1
  • Max pet HP +1

Ball lightning card

  • Has random HP from 1 to 5
  • Strikes 5 random cells
  • Damage = Ball’s HP

Dragon Breath card

  • Burns all cards regardless of their health indicator & Destroyed cards will turn into Gold Cards

Bomb card

  • Has random HP from 3 to 5
  • Timer = 10

Session Booster Cards

The player can purchase Session Booster Cards using Event gold. These booster cards will only last the duration of 1 game session.

List of session booster cards:

  • Max Health Booster (Max HP +1, HP +1)
  • Extra life
  • Key that opens chests

Event Rewards

By leveling up pets, the player will receive NFT rewards.

  • For level 1 pets, there are no rewards.
  • For level 2 pets, the player gets a frame for a nickname in the game.
  • For level 3 pets, the player gains additional headwear visual effects.

Be sure to max out the level of pets and get rewarded with NFTs that’ll be used in Knight Lands!

Do join our discord and telegram channels to provide any feedback you have or just to chat with our team and community about different lantern combinations and game strategies.

See You in The Knight Lands⚔️,

The Knight Lands Team🏰

Knights: Prologue is the complementary prelude to Knight Lands which is a F2P, P2E MMORPG on Terra Blockchain that aims to deliver creative gameplay and utility to the decentralized gaming space.

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