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The Alchemy Lab Explained

As each player progresses in the game, they will require more items and equipment in order to help them improve their abilities. One of the best ways to do so is through the Alchemy Lab, where blacksmiths and wizards are present to help craft the finest items and equipment in the whole Kingdom.

Inside the Alchemy Lab, Players can expect to find:

  1. Ways to create the best Equipment
  2. Ways to create the best Accessories
  3. Ways to create the finest items


Players can craft Equipment in the alchemy lab by using the recipe book. Players will require specific types of crafting dust and Gold in order to craft a particular weapon (Eg. Epic Dust → Epic Equipment). Players can also create special types of weapons known as Elemental Weapons which have added damage against certain beasts with a weakness to that element. Crafting Elemental Weapons will require a rare resource known as Guppy-Magpie Scale and $FLESH.

Alternatively, players can also improve their existing equipment via leveling them up/unbinding/evolving/enchanting.

  1. Leveling up equipment will require resources such as Hammers or other Equipment as well as Gold.
  2. Unbinding equipment will require multiple pieces of the same equipment and this will allow the equipment to be leveled up more when it has reached 2 stars.
  3. Evolving equipment once it has reached the maximum level and 2 stars will increase the rarity of that piece. Players need to combine equipment of the maximum level and 2 stars with a unique resource and $FLESH.
  4. Enchanting improves the stats for a particular piece of equipment and for Common to Rare equipment, players pay a Gold Fee when enchanting their equipment. For Epic to Mythical equipment, players will also pay $FLESH in order to enchant their equipment.


Players can craft accessories in the alchemy lab by using jewelry shards of the respective rarities and $FLESH (Eg. Rare Shards → Rare accessory). Players that do not have jewelry shards of a higher rarity can exchange jewelry shards of a lower rarity to obtain higher rarity shards via the Shard Converter. In order to get better stats on their accessories, players can also re-roll the stats of their accessories.


In the recipe book, players can also find recipes of consumables such as potions and scrolls which require unique resources and Gold in order to craft. Players who seek our charms to improve their character’s abilities can also craft them using recipes found in the recipe book. To craft charms, players will need to find unique resources as well as spend gold and for higher rarity charms, $FLESH in order to craft the powerful charms.

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