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Knights: Prologue - Winter Event

Happy Holidays, Knights!

I’m sure most of our players were expecting to fight a giant Santa for this event, but after a hard few months of fighting beasts, we believe our knights should enjoy this Holiday season with a slightly more relaxed event.


  • Complete Group Raids to get Santabucks
  • Use Santabucks to Build and upgrade Farms
  • Generate Christmas Points from Farms
  • Exchange Christmas Points for $FLESH daily
  • Use various boosts as you reach milestones to optimize farm returns

Event period: 23/12/2021- 6/01/2022

In-depth guide

Players start this event with the main tower. The objective is to build and upgrade farms to generate resources with the end goal being to accumulate $FLESH. In order to build their first farm, the player shall visit a group raid, where they receive Santabucks from the group raid. Depending on the level of raids, the player might need several raids to earn enough Santabucks to build their farm.

Farms are built and upgraded instantly. To build, the user has to tap on a free building slot, and a farm will be built on that slot and linked to it. Building slots shows the resource that the farm will earn and its cost in Santabucks. Once the farm is built, it starts generating resources per cycle. To start a new cycle, the player has to collect resources from the previous cycle. Depending on the type of farm, it can produce Christmas Points(CP). CP are exchanged for $FLESH once a day.

Each new farm level increases its resource generated per cycle amount. The farm-level indicator is shown on every farm. A cycle is represented as a progress bar, which fills up over time. When the cycle is complete, the indicator appears, showing what resource and how much of it a player can collect. The Main Tower will show the amount of experience until the next level and the current tower level. After collecting resources from a farm, the indicator of the main tower’s level will fill up by a section or a level, depending on how much experience a player gained from a farm.

To upgrade a farm, the player needs to enter “upgrade mode”, by tapping a button. By selecting a farm, Santabucks will be used up, and the farm will be upgraded to the next level. By holding your finger/mouse down on a farm, the player can upgrade it multiple times. Upon holding, the farm will upgrade until either player stops it or the player runs out of Santabucks.

The Main Tower has available experience points, players can choose to spend the points on one of two general types of boosts: Active and Passive. After using active boost, the player’s view will be redirected to the farm.


Santabucks is an in-game currency, used exclusively in the Xmas event.

How to obtain SB:

  • Group Raids (Paid/Free)

— Each Normal raid is allocated 100 Santa bucks for all participants, which are distributed depending on the damage done + n% bonus for each raid passed during the event and the n% per day since the launch of the event added to the base value;

— Each Free raid is allocated 5 Santa bucks for all participants, depending on the damage done + n% bonus for each raid passed during the event and the n% per day since the launch of the event added to the base value;

  • Specialized Farm
  • Shop

How SB can be used:

  • Building and Upgrading farms
  • Using active/passive boosts in the main tower.
  • Upgrading main tower passive abilities

Christmas points

Christmas points or CP — is similar to RP, which will allow players to receive $FLESH depending on the (amount of CP player has/total CP in server) x ($FLESH Pool). CP are earned when a player collects it from farms in collection mode. After the player claims $FLESH for the day, the CP amount he has goes back to 0.


Farms — are game entities, that generate some specific resource per cycle. Each cycle has a certain amount of time and by the end of the cycle, the player can collect resources from a farm. The cycle only restarts once resources from a farm are collected. The player can upgrade his farm, which increases the amount of specific resource generated per cycle. Farms are built on building points. Each farm has its own building point.

Depending on the type of resource, that a farm produces, it will be classified into a Tier and this affects the cost of building that farm and what this farm produces.

  • Tier 1 — Santabucks
  • Tier 2 — Gold
  • Tier 3 — Unit Essence
  • Tier 4 — CP
  • Tier 5 — Santabucks
  • Tier 6 — Shinies
  • Tier 7 — CP;
  • Tier 8 — CP;
  • Tier 9 — CP.

The greater a farm’s tier, the more expensive its upgrade will be but greater resource generation per cycle but the cycles take significantly more time to complete with each upgrade.

All farms that have Auto Mode upgrades will have offline resource generation. Which is the amount of resource generated per hour, when the player is not online for more than an hour. If a player was offline for less than an hour, the amount of resource generated is calculated via the player’s absence time.

Farm boosts

Every 25 levels, all farms provide the player with a choice of one of three boosts:

  • Reduce the cycle duration by 1%;
  • Reduce the upgrade cost by 1%;
  • Increase revenue by 1%.

The boosts selection cannot be changed in the future.

Main Tower

Main Tower — is a game entity, that does not generate resources, but directly affects farms resource generation. The main tower gets experience points upon collecting resources from the farm. The amount of gained experience varies, depending on Farm’s Tier and amount of collected resources. Gained Experience gives the ability to unlock one of active & passive abilities.

Boosts tree

Active Boosts

To start active ability, the player needs Santabucks. The Amount of Santabucks depends on ability’s level and its worthiness. A player can only have one active ability at a time.

  • Boost — for n seconds, resource generated per cycle from all farms increases x2;
  • Super Boost — for n seconds, resource generated per cycle from all farms increases x5;
  • Present — collect all resources, multiplied by n with one click;
  • Speed — for n seconds, duration of cycle on all farms decreases x2;
  • Super Speed — for n seconds, duration of cycle on all farms decreases x5;
  • Sleep — collect resource generated for n time from all farms instantly;

Passive Boosts

Work instantly upon unlocking a new level.

  • AutoCycle for Farm Tier X — Farms’s cycle will restart automatically and the farm will earn resources all the way until the user collects them;
  • Duration of a cycle on all Farms decrease for X%;
  • Resource generation from all farms increase for X%;
  • Cost of build/upgrade decreases for X%;
  • Offline resource generation increases for X%.

Upgrading Boosts

Players can also upgrade their passive tower abilities. After the tower achieves each new level, the player can choose one of his passive abilities to upgrade. Upgrade and unlock boosts for experience points earned for each level of the Main Tower.

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See You in The Knight Lands⚔️,

The Knight Lands Team🏰

Knights: Prologue is the complementary prelude to Knight Lands which is a F2P, P2E MMORPG on Terra Blockchain that aims to deliver creative gameplay and utility to the decentralized gaming space.

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