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8 Best Ways To Earn Money Online for beginners

Best Ways To Earn Money Online

Want to make money online from your home? Here we are sharing 8 Best and realistic ways to earn money online in India for beginners sitting at your home.

Everyone needs money. Because without money humans cannot do anything. Human needs money to fulfill his needs.

Human needs are basically two types:

Basic needs: Food to Eat, shelter to live in, cloth to wear.

Economic needs: Adequate nutritious food, good house, better healthcare, physical and financial security, and good education for children. Without money, these needs cannot be fulfilled.

People use different methods to earn money. Some people do jobs, some do business, some do agriculture. There are many ways to make money.

In the past days, earning money was not as simple as it is nowadays. Nowadays there are many sources, many ideas and many ways to earn money.

The online source is one of them, making money from the internet. You can get some basic ways to earn money online here. Many persons in India as well as in the world earning money from the internet.

Here in this article, we are sharing some popular online sources from which you can also make money online from your home.

Before telling you about the money-making online sources, I would like to tell you one thing. If you think that the money-making sources we are sharing here, you will start today and get the result tomorrow, it does not happen. You have to work hard and need to keep patience. It may take time.

Let’s see what are those online sources:

Ways to Earn money online

Here we are sharing various money-making ideas to make money online by sitting in your home.

Make Money Idea #1: Provide your skills online

If you have any skills then you can provide those skills online and earn money.

The meaning of skill is the ability to do something in a proper way. There are 2 types of skills:

What is a hard skill?

The skills you have learned or whose certificate you have obtained. You have learned it through a special course.

For example:

Technical Skills: Expertise and knowledge in any field like Information Technology (IT), Engineering, or Science.

Computer skills: Knowledge about the computer, MS Word, MS Excel, or other skills.

Accounting skills: Knowledge about bookkeeping, billing, taxation, payroll processing, etc.

Language skills: Translating one language to another, foreign language translating, etc.

Design skills: Web design, Photoshop design, etc.

There are many such hard skills.

What is Soft Skill?

The skills that you have naturally, you can do very well in that skill. Soft skills are a combination of many skills like social skills, communication skills, good character, good personality, good behavior, etc.

Soft skills help hard skills to achieve the goal of a person.

Examples of Soft skills are:

You can provide all these skills online, and you can earn money from it.

Websites like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr will help you to earn money by providing your skills.

You can motivate people or you can teach people the skills you have, to make money online. Now the question is how to share those skills?

To share those skills you can create videos and upload them on YouTube or you can write your skills on a Blog.

Make Money Idea #2: Blogging — Create a blog and earn money online

Blogging is a popular way to earn money online. There are many famous bloggers in the world who earn a lot of money from blogging.

Blogging means to write on a blog. Now the question will be what is a blog? The blog is a web page where a writer or a group of writers shares their thoughts, writes about a particular subject (niche).

What is Blog or Blogging?

There are many blogging platforms where you can start your blog. The blogging platforms are:

The main aim of blogging is to share the knowledge of an individual called a blogger.

If you want to earn money online from blogging then you can start it in your home. To start blogging, you need a laptop, a blogging platform, a domain name, and a hosting provider.

You have to invest some money to start blogging. Investment means you do not need to give money to others, you need to purchase the essential things that need for blogging.

The basic essential things are:

  • An internet connection or you can use your mobile internet
  • A domain name for your blog which cost is around 800–000 rupees ($9-$15) per year,
  • A good hosting provider whose cost is around 3000–4000 rupees ($40-$50) per year.

What’s next?

You can start your blog for free on many publishing platforms like Medium, Tumblr, Blogger.

If you are hearing about blogging for the first time, then I will recommend you to start your blog with

Why I am speaking to start with Because:

  • Google provides free hosting in it.
  • You are new to the blogging world, So you need to learn about blogging.
  • You have to learn first how to set up a blog, how to write a blog post, how to create a page.

After getting the basic knowledge about blogging you can join in self-hosted blogging platform like WordPress. WordPress is the most used blogging platform in the world.

You need to choose your favorite topic called (niche) in which you want to make a blog. After choosing your niche, write a blogpost, and bring traffic (visitor) to it.

To increase visitors to your blog post, you need to do good SEO (Search Engine Optimization), need to share your blog post on your social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp.

After driving traffic to your blog, you need to monetize your blog to earn money. To monetize your blog need to show ads in it.

Google Adsense provides the money-making opportunity to earn money by displaying ads in a blog.

Google Adsense is a good and simplest way to start earning money from your blog. Most people now making money from blogging by showing Google Adsense ads.

Or you can start affiliate marketing on your blog to earn money online. Know more about affiliate marketing below.

Make Money Idea #3: Build a social page

Nowadays, a lot of people using social media like Facebook, Instagram to share photos and videos with their friends.

Do you know that you can make money from social media?

A lot of people making money through social media. You can also make your career and earn money online through it. This is another popular way to earn money online.

When we talk about social media, Facebook and Instagram come first in our minds. So how to make money from social media? What are the ways to earn money online from it?

Let’s take Instagram as an example. There are many ways to earn money from Instagram.

First, you need to create a page on Instagram and need to post here photos or videos according to your interest.

If you are a singer or dancer you can post it as a video. If you are a good thinker, you can post your thoughts by making a text image.

You can teach people what you know on Instagram by making videos/photos.

You can also post product reviews on your Instagram page.

After posting some photos or videos, start bringing the audience to your page. There are 2 ways you can bring the audience to your Instagram page.

The organic way means if your post is Informative and a good quality post, it will reach automatically other people. People will like your post and follow your page.

Promotion way means promoting your post to increase visitors to your post.

You can make advertisements for your post on Instagram’s advertisement platform. You need to spend some money to advertise your Instagram post.

Or you can increase visitors for free. For this, you have to share your post with others. You have to follow other people and they also follow you and like your posts.

As you grow your follower, your page will become eligible to earn money.

There are many ways to earn money from Instagram. You can promote any brand or product of any brand. If someone buys that product through your page, you will get some commission.

Also, you can promote someone’s page on your page and charge them your promotion cost.

There are many ways in which you can make money from Instagram. Like Instagram, you can earn money from Facebook, Quora as well.

Make Money Idea #4: Make Videos -Create videos to earn money online

This is the most popular way to earn money online. There are a lot of platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion you can make money by sharing your videos.

Now YouTube is the most famous video sharing platform. It has more than 2 billion (200 Crore) users on the internet.

Lots of YouTube creators making money from it.

There are many contents on which you can also make videos.

For example:

If you are dancing well, then you can make dancing videos, if you are an expert in teaching you can teach people by making videos, If you are a good cooker then you can make cooking videos.

There are lots of content ideas on which you can create videos and upload those videos on YouTube.

How to make money on YouTube?

You can make money from YouTube in different ways. The most used way to make money is advertising revenue.

Advertising revenue means youtube will show ads over your video and you can make money.

Otherwise, you can also sell your own products on it. Or you can promote other people’s products or products of a brand on your YouTube channel and you will get a certain amount of commission on it.

Make Money Idea #5: Make online courses

If you are an expert in a particular subject then you can make some tutorials or courses and sell it online.

People are always trying to learn something new. If you are proficient in some subjects, then you can teach people about that subject by making online courses.

You can create courses like

  • Digital marketing courses
  • Test Preparation courses
  • Soft skill training courses
  • Music courses
  • Public speaking courses
  • Language learning courses
  • Design courses
  • Financial courses

Once you created your courses there are many online platforms you can sell your courses. The online platforms are Teachable, WordPress LMS, Udemy.

Make Money Idea #6: Create and sell your own product

If you are looking for online income ideas then it is another source you can make money from the internet.

If you are a good photographer, then you can sell your photos online through many photo selling platforms.

To sell your photos online you will many websites like Shutterstock, Alamy, Adobe Stock, Fotomoto, 500px, PhotoShelter, Getty Images, Etsy.

If you are an expert in any subject then you can make e-books and sell it online. The best e-book selling platforms are Amazon, Google Books, Flipkart, Scribd.

If you have any product you are selling in your area then you can sell your own product online and make money.

For Example:

If you are selling any product like T-shirts in your area then you can sell it online. You can sell it on Amazon, Facebook, Instagram. If you are using WhatsApp Business then you can sell your own products through the WhatsApp business catalog.

In Amazon more than 5 lakh businesses selling their products on Amazon. Different types of businesses selling different products on amazon.

Almost all types of products you can get from amazon. Amazon selling products like Electonic, Lifestyle and fashion, Gaming, Beauty & Healthcare, Sports, Fitness, Kindle and E-books, Books, Movies and Shows, Gifts, and more.

There are lots of ideas and businesses, you can make your own products, sell it online, and earn money online from it.

Make Money Idea #7: Affiliate Marketing — Sell other merchants products

Affiliate marketing is the process where an affiliate earns commission by promoting other people’s or other company’s products.

It’s another popular way you can earn money online. There are lots of brands and products in the market you can promote.

To promote these products you must have a website or a social media page, or a YouTube channel.

The most popular affiliate marketing program in the world is Amazon Associates Programme. You can promote various products from amazon and earn a commission from it.

Make Money Idea #8: Online paid surveys

Do you know you can earn money by sharing your opinion on online surveys? Online surveys are the simplest way to make money online.

Not everyone has a laptop but everyone has a smartphone in his hand. Almost every individual in the world is using a smartphone.

You can answer some online surveys and poll questions from your computer and smartphones and in return, you can make some extra money.

There are many platforms in the world that are giving online survey opportunities to earn money and gift cards.

Online surveys are a fun and casual side hustle for making money online that generates extra money and passive income for those who looking for a part-time income.

Online survey platforms are InboxDollars, Swagbucks, Springboard Panel, The panel station, Toluna, Get Paid Surveys, Google Opinion Rewards, Opinion World, Valued opinions, etc.

If you found this article helpful to you, then share it with your friends.

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