3 Low Key Restaurants With Stunning Backyards in NYC

Article written by Marshall Bone

The city can seem like a hectic jungle of glass, steel, and concrete to New York newbies, so to help prove that stereotype wrong, here are some chill restaurants with lush green gardens to enjoy while you get your fill.

The Loeb Boathouse

E 72nd St, New York, NY 10021

This is a classic spot for tourists and locals alike. There is a lakeside restaurant, an outside bar, and express cafe, and of course, row boat rentals. You can spend all day there. It’s romantic if that’s what you are looking for, but also just a place to kick back with homies and be outside. They make a great tasting, reasonably priced burger, and if the restaurant is crowded, just get that burger to go and eat anywhere you want: you are already inside the biggest garden in Manhattan. A similar setup can be found at the New Leaf Restaurant & Bar, 1 Margaret Corbin Dr, New York, NY 10040 in Fort Tryon park. This is an awesome park because it is the only one in Manhattan that is not regularly maintained. There are also beautiful gardens. One is planted with just medieval herbs, medicinal and magical.

Ok now let’s talk Brooklyn chill; it’s on a whole different level.

The Talon

220 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

This bar offers a vibe like no other. Old hard wood interior, antler chandeliers, and taxidermy animals make this place hard to forget. Plus they have the coolest bathrooms in Brooklyn: you can see out but they can’t see in. I know the owner, a French architect, and can guarantee that he knows what’s up. A killer Burger, cheap drinks, pool table, but this time of year it’s all about the patio garden where the chefs work the BBQs. What else do you need? Oh yeah, frequent party events, live music, and Monday night is when chefs from all over the borough come to hang.

Habana Outpost

757 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

This Cuban-Mexican restaurant is located near Fort Greene Park and is a Brooklyn icon often recognized by the giant colorful “Comandante Biggie!” mural on the wall of their smaller take out kitchen across the street. The main restaurant is attached to a beautiful outdoor patio, which is moderately enclosed, with plenty of shade umbrellas and scented flowers right on the corner. When it isn’t being used for community events and lit movie nights, it is the perfect spot to just sit down and make a mess while devouring some of their famous grilled corn. The whole feel of the place screams, “relax fam, it’s summer!”

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