Getting Started with KnoGeo Part II — Data Analytics & Filtering

For Part I — Data Presentation, please visit:

KnoGeo helps commercial real estate professionals tell compelling, data-driven stories that stand-out in client interaction, improve sales efficiency and increase win rates. Teams across Canada and the US use KnoGeo in client pitches, reports, marketing materials and presentations. Our 3D mapping technology is the only one on the market that can dynamically visualize floor-level data, allowing professionals to effectively present market intelligence, help clients locate space, and tell the story of the market in a flexible visual interface.

In this tutorial I’ll be taking you through both basic and advanced filtering analytics which allow users to create realistic 3D showcases of the market in seconds so you can turn static information into actionable insights.

Building filters based on BOMA rating

Building Filters

Building Filter Use Cases: Ownership Maps, Portfolio Analysis, Lease Assignment Presentations, Co-Working Exposure, Green Space, Type of Power, Building-level Vacancy Reports, Environmental, Year Built, Year Renovated, and More

Building filters are used when the data type you are analyzing is at the property level. It can be as simple as visualizing how many buildings in the market were built after 1980 and as complex as searching for buildings that have between 20,000 and 25,000 square feet of vacancy at less than $70 / square foot and power included.

To create a building filter, click here:

Toronto Public Application

From the Filter Page, you can select any attribute found in the underlying dataset.

These are data types from Altus Group, but KnoGeo works with any property dataset

After you’ve selected your first attribute, you type in what you want to filter against and click 3D view

Boom, the map highlights the properties that fit your search query, creating an instant interactive map and presentation-ready visuals.

Analyzing the Dream Office Portfolio in Toronto

For numerical filters such as vacancy square footage, rent rate, or property value, you can create bounded search by utilizing greater than and less than:

Buildings with between 20,000 and 50,000 of square feet available

Multi-Filter Building Visualizations

Building filters are flexible and you can add as many as you need to narrow the focus of your project or presentation. You can combine vacancy related data with information about a building to find exactly what a client is looking for and showcase what the market has to offer. You can also turn off buildings that don’t match your filter set and turn on transit lines to get a clear view of what you’re looking for:

Background buildings are turned off to narrow the focus

Floor Filters

One of the unique aspects of KnoGeo technology is the ability to highlight floors, both manually and through analytics. So unique in fact that we patented the methodology for doing it! Real estate companies deal with 20x more floor-level data (leases, stacking plans, vacancies, etc.) compared to building data, so this feature allows teams to always have a tool to present their market intelligence no matter the data type.

Floor filters are perfect for showcasing vacancy, lease expiries, lease types, company footprint, largest contiguous space and any other floor-related data point you are interested in.

To create a floor filter, click here:

An example of floor data types is found here. Like with everything in the KnoGeo platform, this list is not exhaustive, and the platform has the capability to analyze and visualize any type of floor data held in your database.

These are data types from Altus Group, but KnoGeo works with any property dataset

An easy example for a single floor filter is a Vacancy Report. Simply set available area > 0, and see all the vacant space in your market.

Vacancy Report for the Toronto Market
Background buildings are turned off

Multi-Filter Floor Visualizations

Much like Building Filters, you have the ability to create filters as simple or as complex as you need. Here, we are looking to locate 20,000–25,000 square feet of available direct space.

When you click the highlighted space, you can get more information about the availability, including the exact space, largest contiguous space, contact information, and lease type. This allows you to focus on telling the story of the availability to your client while they get an intuitive understanding of where the space is and what the area looks like.

If there is space you know is coming available but is not yet in the database, you can quickly use manual highlights to add the floor to the presentation and demonstrate your market intelligence.

You can also combine building and floor analysis to narrow the focus of your presentation based on any number of factors. Here, a client is looking for 23,000–26,000 square feet of direct available space Downtown in a Class A building less than 25 years old with a Gold BOMA rating.

Search Criteria for Startup X
Just one building fits this clients needs!

Saved Reports

If you want to save a presentation for later or are constantly running the same queries, we make it easy to save reports to your user account. Taking the filter set from the last example, you can save the report by clicking here:

You can always come back to your report by clicking here:

If, for example, your client has decided they need more space, you can simply update the query in seconds and see what fits the new parameters, allowing you to be adaptable and a trusted expert on what’s out there in the market.

Data Integration

One of our secret sauces here at KnoGeo is our ability to integrate with virtually any real estate data set. That means, yes, we can work with you. Our platform has manual data presentation capabilities that can add value in any market without an underlying data source, but leading brokerages and asset managers integrate directly with the platform to speed up the process and maximize their ROI on collecting and managing data by making it instantly accessible in a 3D visual format.

KnoGeo is encrypted, protected by logins, and we never resell or scrape your data. Customers are provided a secure platform for brokers, analysts, researchers and marketers to give dimension to your company’s proprietary understanding of the market. If you would like to learn more about integrating with KnoGeo, please fill out our contact form at and we will be in touch!


If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or reach out. We are always happy to provide any training or demos to help our users get the most out of the platform.




KnoGeo builds 3D listing maps to revolutionize how real estate is explored and discovered in the world's biggest cities. Visit our website at

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KnoGeo 3D Data Technologies

KnoGeo builds 3D data visualization technology to revolutionize how real estate is explored, discovered, and understood

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