How to Easily Visualize Market Data, Demographics, and Opportunity Zones

Visualizing Market Data with KnoGeo

  • Demographics [including income levels, population growth, education, etc.]
  • Opportunity zones
  • Neighbourhood boundaries and data
  • New developments
  1. Open your KnoGeo App
  2. Select the “Macro Data” on the left-hand tool tab
  • Customizing what data shows up when areas are clicked or hovered over
  • Change the colour of the markets in multiple ways, including colour field (if your file has colour information), random (shown), solid, and range analysis [ie highest income levels = green, lowest = red]
  • Analyzing data to find the right market for a client, for example creating a search criteria where the average income level is over $90k, 70%+ post-secondary education, and a population growing at 3%+ as shown below
  • You can also extrude the areas based on a data field, such as showing relative population growth between neighbourhoods as shown below



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