Healthy Food Delivery Services Compared!

Fresh Diet focuses more high-end, and they offer daily deliveries. It’s definitely more expensive, but it can also be more convenient. Hello Fresh has flexibility in its pricing which is weekly and lets you skip weeks if you want. Fresh20 is a good option for those who need specific meal types such as dairy-free, Kosher, or Gluten-free.

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The Fresh Diet — Best Features

•Free nutritionist consultation even with the cheapest plan.

•Unique dishes like Pumpkin French Toast.

Best for: Those looking for more high end and gourmet approaches to healthy food delivery.

Best deal: Free Doorstep Delivery — [activate coupon]


•More coupons: 1 The Fresh Diet coupons available

HelloFresh — Best Features

•Get free delivery for boxes coming to your door weekly.

•Pause your subscription as long as you do so before Wednesday at Midnight.

Best for: Those looking for flexible subscription plans that can be paused week to week.

Best deal: $20 off — [activate coupon]


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The Fresh 20 — Best Features

•Get a specific place for those who need a lack of an ingredient like Gluten Free or Dairy Free.

•Kosher meals are available for those who need that.

Best for: Those who really want to emphasize customizing healthy plans.


•More coupons: 1 The Fresh 20 coupons available


Here are a few healthy options for meal deliveries with a comparison of each.

Fresh Diet

Fresh Diet markets itself as a “gourmet” healthy home delivery service. The delivery comes with bags and ice packs in order t make sure everything is fresh and well-organized. If you end up signing up with the plan, make sure you just leave the bags out each time so that the delivery people can pick them up. The sit’s been covered on places like and Fox News. The aim of the site is to focus on portions to deliver exactly what you need day to day. According to the site, everything is delivered fresh.


  • Free Nutritionist Consultations-Even the cheapest plan gets you a free nutrionist consultation if you need advice on what you should be eating to be as healthy as possible.
  • Night Deliveries-Most deliveries happen between 7 pm and 5 am at night. This way you can count on them being ready the next day.
  • Varied Meals-Examples of meals available to Fresh Diet includes unique dishes like Pumpkin Fresh Toast which comes with ricotta cheese, pecans and honey. There’s usually around 6 per week that vary. Other examples include the Moroccan Chicken that comes with pita bread, harissa hummus, yogurt sauce and tomato and mint salad.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh ships out boxes in cardboard with packets. You have to order by midnight on Wednesday to get your first box starting on the beginning of the next week.


  • $15 off for Newsletter Subscription-If you enter your email address at the box at the top of the site, you can get a coupon for money off of your first delivery.
  • Two Box Types-You can order either a classic box or a veggie box based on your particular preference. The boxes even say either “for omnivores” or “for herbivores.”
  • Dozens of Recipes-Each recipe on the site gives you fill instructions for how to make, as well as the cooking time and difficulty level going from 1 to 3 for the hardest.
  • Free Delivery-Delivery for the boxes is completely free for those who are subscribed to the box plans.
  • Pause Subscription-The subscription is flexible, so you can pause it at any time as long as you do so by the cutoff date on a weekly basis.
  • Mobile Options-There’s an iOS option available if you’d rather manage your account through your mobile device. You can also connect through the usually social media sites like Twitter.


Fresh20 allows you to customize your plan based on your dietary requirements. If you’d rather get meals with no dairy because you’re lactose intolerant or for any other reason, this is possibly through the site, for example.


  • Gluten Free Plan-If you’d rather avoid Gluten because of an allergy or for any other reason, the site gives you a variety of meals without any gluten in them. There are examples for what this might look like with pictures and descriptions underneath on that page. For example, you can still get flank steak fajitas, shrimp polenta, steak pepper tacos and others, all without Gluten.
  • Live Chat Support-It’s also easy to get live chat support by hitting the green rectangle in the bottom right.
  • Kosher Meals-If you click on the circle with the K in it, you can access Kosher possibilities as well. This is actually different than other plans because it’s a one-time purchase.

Head to Head


The “7-Day Trial Plan” on Fresh Diet is $40 per day. You get delivery right to your doorstep, 1 free nutrionist consultation, and 3 meals as well as 2 snacks every day.

Hello Fresh is around $10.75 per person per meal for boxes. The Veggie Box is a little over $9 per person per meal.

The Kosher plan through Fresh20 us a one-time purchase of $18. Most of the plans cost $65 for an annual plan. This includes 3 meats, 1 fish or seafood and one vegetarian meal per week. You can also get a monthly plan for Paleo which is $10 per month or $24 per 3-month period if you prefer.


One feature for Fresh Diet that’s useful is the live chat option. This is accessible through the green circle on the right side of the main site. You don’t even have to fill anything out, you can just click on it and an agent will connect to you right away. Simply click in the box at the bottom of the new page that comes up that’s market “message.” You can check the SSL certificate by hitting the lock icon at the top right. You can also turn off the sound this way as well.

Hello Fresh has features for getting discounts like putting your email in for the newsletter. You can also get a lot of flexibility in when your boxes get delivered to you, making it easy to skip a week if it turns out that you don’t need the box. The cut off is Wednesday at Midnight. You can order stuff through the mobile app for iOS as well. Contact features are largely through email, but there’s a different email for each topic. They split it up into General Inquiries, Delivery iNquiries, Billing and Latest Box problems. The contact link has all those email addresses, which is worth checking out because getting it wrong could mean you get the run around.

Support features for Fresh20 are also straight forward with the green box for live chat being available in the bottom right. There’s also a big red customer support button at the bottom of the main page as well. It looks like regular email is available during business hours Pacific Time, but stuff like opening a ticket requires you to log in.

Overall, it looks like Fresh Diet may be a better choice if you’re worried about shipping since they have the most care given to packing materials. They actually want you to leave out the materials each night. HelloFresh appears to just use cardboard boxes that come in the mail. Also, Fresh Diet is delivered daily, and HelloFresh comes weekly.

Additional Information

The Fresh Diet

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The Fresh 20

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