Tj Maxx vs Khol’s vs Ross, Which is Better?

T.J. Maxx has many free extras and bonuses like re-useable bags with purchases. They also do free giveaways for gift cards. Kohl’s has options such as purchasing plushies that let you donate all of the net profits to charities benefiting children. Ross is a positive choice for bargain hunters, though it will work primarily for those that want to shop in person.

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T.J. Maxx — Best Features

•Enter giveaway sweepstakes for $50 gift cards.

•Free giveaway extras like reusable bags.

Best for: Those looking for free extras from department stores.


•More coupons: 1 T.J. Maxx coupons available

Kohl’s — Best Features

•Purchase certain items like plushies to give all of the profits to children’s charities.

•Purchase certain items like plushies to give all of the profits to children’s charities.

Best for: These looking to help local charities with purchases.

Best deal: New Clearance Markdowns-Up To 70% Off — [activate coupon]


•More coupons: 6 Kohl’s coupons available

Ross — Best Features

•Sections for easy bargain hunting like seasonal deals under $100.

•Obvious store locator for finding a store near you quickly.

Best for: Bargain hunters looking for the best deals on handbags and other products in-person.

•Website: http://www.rossstores.coom

•More coupons: 1 Ross coupons available


Here are some fine options for department stores including all of their features.

T.J. Maxx

T.J. Maxx will often give away free stuff like free shipping, or a reusable bag, or the chance to win something big like a $50 gift card.


  • Mailing List with New Arrivals Alerts-If you want to stay on top of new styles coming to the site, you can do this by signing up with the newsletter through the box that pops up when you first enter the site. You can also get free shipping this way.
  • Free Shipping with Some Offers-If you sign up with the mailing list, you can get free shipping, it’s also often available through the use of a coupon code. If you spend enough money such as $89.
  • Free Local Store Returns-There are a number of physical stores around for T.J. Max, and you can return items to them in person for free.
  • Frequent Contests for $50 Gift Cards-T.J. Maxx frequently has giveaways for gift cards of up to $50 or sometimes more. This could often be 50 or more cards that are given away and that you can enter for free or get entries through purchases.


Kohl’s has some interesting programs such as those that allow you to buy plushies and give all of the net profits to charities that help ensure that children are educated and healthy.


  • Free 15% Mobile Coupon-If you text numbers under promotions at Kohl’s, you can often get coupons such as 15% off.
  • Buy Stuff and Help Charities- There are certain items you can buy such as plushies where all of the profits will go to charities helping children.
  • Yes2Rewards-Every $5 you spend gives you 100 points through this Rewards program. You can enroll by hitting the pink button marked “enroll” in the bottom right corner of the site. You can access these rewards points on mobile apps through iOS and Google as well. The next page that comes up allows you to download the relevant app for either operating system. One of the ways this benefits you is by turning the points in for extra rewards like 30% off purchases.

Ross Dress for Less

There definitely seems to be an emphasis at Ross for bargain hunting and getting department store products for as cheap as possible. There’s even a “Bargain Hunter” link right at the top of the page. This does mean that you’ll get a lot of pop-ups on this site, however, which can be a bit annoying.


  • Up to 60% Off Daily Store Prices- Ross often offers deals that go past half off on the regular store price for everything from handbags to shirts and dresses.
  • Facebook and Instagram Pages-You can access these pages right through the icons in the top right corner of the site. Ross has an active social media presence and there are often deals available this way.
  • Quick Store locator-The design for the site on Ross makes it simple to find nearby stores. You don’t have to hunt around so much like you often have to do on other sites. It’s right next to “bargain hunter” right at the top of the site under “Store Locator.”

Head to Head


It’s not always the case, but T.J. Maxx often has promotions that involve letting you have free shipping, either through the use of a coupon code available on the site, or through some other promotion.

Kohl’s offers free shipping if you pay at least $75 per order. This is superior to what T.J. Max often offers since the Kohl’s promotion appears to be on-going, so you don’t have to add a coupon code or strike at the right time in order to take advantage of it. Otherwise, it’s going to cost you $9 or so for 3–6 day delivery, and $20 for 2–3 day delivery. Same day delivery isn’t even that more expensive either since it’s only about $15 if you order by 1 PM, although this is only available if you live close enough to the store.

It doesn’t appear that Ross even ships stuff out to you, mostly the site is just a showcase for what is at their physical stores. It is possible for you to find Ross stuff at other sites online that will ship them out to you, but this options isn’t readily available at the main Ross store.

Variety and Customer Service

T.J. Maxx has a variety of products including handbags like the Natasha Crystal Pearl Small Clutch which goes for $50. Even just in handbags they have crossbody bags, satchels, shoulder bags, totes, runway bags and others. There are also accessories for men and women alike, and jewelry. The emphasis for customer service at T. J. Maxx appears to be in person, since they emphasize that a lot. They have a lot of info about returning stuff in person, for example. But if you hit the “find help” link you can get answers to questions, though there doesn’t seem to be any really easy way of contacting them.

Kohl’s has huge variety for each section. All you have to do is pass your cursor over any of the topics like “for home” or “be & bath” to get a lot of selection in that area to further narrow down what you want. Clutches through the site are a little cheaper averaging around $20 to $30 depending on the clutch that you chose. Customer service is available through the contact link in the bottom left corner. This is mostly going to give you FAQ information, although in the very bottom left corner of the new page there’s an “email us” and “call us” link.

There are a variety of low-cost options on Ross. This includes a fringe handbag that goes for $16, for example. Email links and an email form are available under the contact link at the bottom of the page. There aren’t any obvious phone numbers here, unfortunately. You can send them an email through the form letter and give your own phone number if you want, however. This way you could end up getting a call from them instead and talk on the phone this way.

Additional Information

T.J. Maxx


Kohl’s Coupon Code: CATCH15OFF — 15% Off Your Order — Activate

Kohl’s Coupon Code: UR15OFF — 15% Off on Purchases Over $100 — Activate

Kohl’s Coupon Code: CITI15OFF — Save 15% on Orders $100 or More Plus Free Delivery — Activate


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