Here’s How You Enter To Win Your New Climbing Rope…

We are giving away a rope once we hit 3000 followers

Here’s a picture of the rope! (Of course, the one we are giving away will be BRAND NEW)

The goal of our giveaway is to get a bunch of climbers who love climbing to get in on the action. We will be giving away the rope once we hit 3000 followers on instagram! So make sure you follow us when you visit us on instagram!

These are all of the ways you can get entries currently

You can earn nearly unlimited entries, by referring your friends. You get 1 entry for each friend that joins the competition through your link! So share it at your local gym or with your climbing friends.

The next best way is to buy some of our swag, yes we are selling some stuff! With more and more designs coming shortly, but you’ll get 50 entries for each unique item you buy!

To recap, here’s all the possibilities:

So follow us :) Share it with your friends!

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