5 Gratitude Practices that Will Raise Your Vibration

Practices that unleash the healing power of Gratitude

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“May the gratitude in my heart kiss all the universe.” ~ Hafiz

Gratitude can mean many things to many people, but in its simplistic essence it means “being thankful”. It’s developing the attitude of gratitude for everything in our life. Big or small. Good or bad.

All great spiritual masters, thought leaders, successful entrepreneurs etc. have emphasised the need to live in gratitude for true success. For when we can’t appreciate what we have, how can we appreciate what is going to come to us. We will be too blinded by the negativity, to even notice a blessing/opportunity, even if its right under our nose.

While we all understand this meaning of gratitude, do we really imbibe it in our life?

Power of Gratitude

I personally believe in the power of gratitude and more so in the power of having a daily gratitude practice. The first step in healing all past pain and trauma begins with gratitude. Vibrationally, as we are all energy beings, Love & Gratitude top the list of emotions that have the highest vibration. There has been research done by the likes of Louise Hay, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra etc. on the targetted benefits of practicing gratitude daily on mind-body-soul. There is enough research out there that demonstrates the healing power of gratitude.

Photo by Don Nicolai Salonga on Unsplash

5 Gratitude Practices that Will Raise Your Vibration

“Opening your eyes to more of the world around you can deeply enhance your gratitude practice.” ~ Derrick Carpenter

Here are 5 tried and tested gratitude practices, that will raise your vibration so that you can tune into the beautiful Unversal vibration of love and happiness daily.

1} Be grateful in bad situations:

Often it’s in the bad situations that our faith in the Divine is tested the most. It is especially in these situations when you need to focus on the good instead. No matter how difficult the situation is, focus on one small good thing/person/lesson to be thankful for and keep your energy on that feeling. This conscious effort to stay in a positive vibration instead of a negative one has the power to expand your energy field ten folds.

2} Be thankful in advance:

One of the most powerful forms of gratitude is the kind you can feel in advance. Like saying, “I am grateful for what tomorrow will bring.” or “I am thankful for the blessing of tomorrow’s meeting/presentation/exam etc.” The reason this form of gratitude practice is so powerful is, that you are already fine tuning your energies for the day/event ahead of time, thereby ensuring that the Universe follows through. It also brings forth a level of faith in the Divine that only works wonders on your mental state.

3} Do a Gratitude Walk:

As a practice when you feel muddled and confused, go for a walk, a gratitude walk. This walk can become your daily walk as well…While you walk, notice things around you and find the good in them. Notice nature, feel the fresh air, notice the innocent smile of a child, admire a wonderfully playful pet. This conscious effort to look outside of yourself and feel grattiude for the things around you has a positive effect on your complete vibration.
One, it will make you shift your focus towards the wonder and awe of the universe. Two, it will offer clarity of thought, so that when you go back home you can calmly handle the situation, rather than get agigitated as you would’ve before the walk. If you can maintain this gratitude walk daily, you will live in a calm and serene mind, which is such a heavenly state. Try it.

4} Maintain a Gratitude Jar:

This one has been tried and tested so many times, you can see Pinterest images of beautiful gratitude jars all over the place. To maintain a gratitude jar all you need is a jar and small pieces of paper and a pen. As a ritual, daily or atleast thrice a week, you and your family members can write what they are grateful for and put the chit in the jar. As the jar keeps filling up, you will feel your mood feeling better too. And on the off day, when you or any of your family members are feeling down, you can open up the jar and read a few of the notes you wrote. This will instantly bring you back to the vibration of gatefulness and make you feel oh so good. I already have a huge jar going for 2021.

5} Write a Gratitude Journal:

I vouch for the healing benefits of a gratitude journal. I can’t emphasize enough on the importance of writing a gratitude journal. Its healing, its calming, it provides clarity, it helps you set posiive goals, it empowers you to do more and be more. All you need is a small note book dedicated to writing 5 things you are grateful for daily. You can ideally do this before going to bed, as it helps you to relive your day and find the good in it, thereby helping you to sleep in a vibration of thankfulness.

It is important for you to create a daily practice of gratitude which is easy, sustainable and consistent.

When it comes to living a more positive, peaceful and productive life we need to work with the laws of the universe to tap into its wonderful vibration. The specific law is that you WILL recieve what you put out.

The universe will always deliver in the right time for the right vibration. While practicing Gratitude, you will automatically raise your vibration. This speeds up the process of enjoying more peace and less stress.

Honestly, being in this state of Gratitude works like magic. The catch though is Daily Practice.

***Do you have any gratitude practices you would like to share? Which practice from the above most resonated with you? Please share them in the comments.***

With Love,
Zeenat. ❤

Zeenat Merchant Syal is a Practicing Counseling Psychologist & Spiritual Counselor. She writes on Healing the Mind, Heart & Soul through Positivity on Positive Provocations & offers Online Counseling there too.



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Zeenat Merchant Syal, M.A, M.Sc

Zeenat Merchant Syal, M.A, M.Sc


Empowering Souls to Heal through Positivity&Self Love🦋Counseling Psychologist|Spiritual Counselor ✒️Writer&Founder: PositiveProvocations.com