About Me — Georgina Odafe

Who am I and where do I belong?

Georgina Odafe
Know Thyself, Heal Thyself


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Dear Reader,

Three years ago, I joined Medium.

From that day until now, I haven’t read up to 10 About Me stories.

I was afraid.

To me, reading them was like watching a virus walk into my body.

I was afraid their words would latch onto me and refuse to let go until I sat down to write mine.

But no matter how I tried, I couldn’t escape.

The idea of writing about me has been a thorn tugging at my lungs.

Still, I preferred to struggle to breathe rather than stop and pluck out this thorn.

Until now.

Before, when I gazed into the reflection of my soul, I saw nothing.

I had an ID card.

Every time I opened it, the words were unclear.

My first identity crisis was 14 years ago.

Between then and now, I’ve turned the world upside down.

I’ve been searching for an identity that’s like Cinderella’s missing shoe.

An ID card to enter worlds that rejected me.