Autumn’s Misdemeanors

A human’s purpose met


Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

I remember all the poor decisions I’ve made in the fall.
Autumn’s misdemeanors:
places I loved full of people who never loved at all.

The leaves last testament before they turned to dust —
a fiery inferno of colors signifying a lust —
for life and entanglements that were never meant to last.

That’s fall’s greatest blessing:
the joy and hunger for all that only comes to pass.

Which is everything in time.

Even you, even me —
we are brightly burning now but will, at some point,
we’ll fall from the tree.

And in that final descent,
wafting to the ground —
we’ll twirl until we see
the whole world the right side round.

With that final gasp,
before we hit the ground,
we’ll realize all that arrived only to leave,
filled our lives with meaning and belief.

Departed from regret,
we will see with open eyes —
the mistakes of the fall
were wisdom in disguise.