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Know Thyself, Heal Thyself


Bad Vibes by Author
Good Vibes by Author

My lot is what I imagined it could be.
I live modestly, but not meagerly,
I have what I need, and a little more,
I’m well-set, but unpretentiously.

The implausible fortuitousness
of my circumstance astounds even me.
My chakras must be aligned with my Chi. ;-)

But surely I’d be remiss if I presumed
our fortunes merely coincidence.
There’s a higher power at play when
senses are acute, aware, and attuned.

No, this is not Divine Providence,
a faith based on spiritual apprehension.
This imbues and binds all sentient life.
Also an intangible proposition,
but its existential plausibility is rife.

All living things, by varying degree
radiate a vibe, or an energy.
It surrounds, pervades, and permeates,
äffecting and ēffecting ubiquitously.

This synergy
between beings, spirits, and souls
coalesces and compounds endlessly
to create a force with an effect greater
than the sum of their effects separately.

Be it collective consciousness, karmic foresight,
or a sentient metaphysical spirituality,
it is a force fathomed and followed
by a relative few who sense, embrace,
and dare to abide its transcendental faculty.

It takes a keen awareness of the senses,
Trusting our instincts enough to act on
Intuition, impression, and apprehension.
An unquestioned subliminal comprehension.

We have all said, “I must be living right”
when something good happens in our life.
That happens when we are one with the force.
To which we should all aspire as a matter of course.

So, one bloke’s recipe for success
is to develop a heightened awareness
and a high sense of self-preservation,
a higher than average give-a-shit factor,
and trust in your senses and inclinations.

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Know Thyself, Heal Thyself

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