Creatures of the Earth After the Flood

Antediluvian Manifestations


Photo by Nazrin Babashova on Unsplash

There is a life beyond the river of self-limiting belief.
A redefinition of existence on our terms —
untethered from the mundane expectations
set for us by prisoners of an unimaginative trance.

Across that twisting river of troublesome toil —
on the other side of that insipid ravine
lies a promise we made to ourselves before time or memory —
before breath entered our lungs.

An antediluvian manifestation of who we wanted to be in a distant age —
creatures of the earth after the flood.

But that vision proved slippery in the face of oblivion —
the land swallowed whole —
buried —
an aqueous grave.

Spirits — unactualized —
submerged and straining toward source:
those were the circumstances of survival that singed away
any hint of self-doubting skepticism.

Out of that world — rose bridges — soaring above the once-drenched terrain.
Edifices of certainty — absolving our…