Heal in Love

If you succeed in finding the love of your life, I believe you’re on the list of God’s favorite children.

Rachel Grace
Know Thyself, Heal Thyself


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I am a hopeless romantic in the world of hookups and casual dating, and I don’t feel out of the place because of it. I believe love can heal you and your scars. I believe in soulmates and I believe that there is one perfect person for everyone. I do believe that there is one person who can sweep you off your feet, even in ordinary moments. I believe that your shitty day can become better after having a cup of coffee with the love of your life. I do believe in the forever sparkle of love and I believe that growing old happily with the love of your life is possible. I also believe that when people find the love of their lives, they have the misfortune of losing it over their own actions.

Somewhere, I heard — People fall in love with an extraordinary person, but over time that person becomes ordinary to them and that is when things go haywire. I have made a similar mistake, but I was lucky enough not to lose it. However, I remember the feeling and it still shakes me to my core. This is when I think of people who did not get their love back and lost them completely. How utterly difficult it must have been. Some get together, but they don't share the vibe as they did earlier. What keeps them together is maybe the nostalgia or the desperation to make it work. Is that right? I wonder all the time. But moving on is not as easy as cool and hip as it sounds. It can be soul-crushing and I think that is the reason people try to not to let it go.

However, lives move on and that is the beauty and curse of it. Some embrace the change with open arms, some just collapse forever and some improve with the hit and trial method.

I am not saying that love is forever perfect. Loving somebody unconditionally can have its own cons, but it is all worth it. Love can make you strong and weak at the same time. Loving somebody unconditionally makes you dependent on them mentally and emotionally, without your consent. If your partner is unhappy you become unhappy, if he/she is sad you become sad. You become their mirror image, but what is essential here is not to lose your own identity.

If you lose yourself, you cannot become the support system your partner may need. Rather, you might become an overthinker or a burden on them. As humans, we are co dependent. Everyone is looking to find the love which can heal them. It can be a relationship, following your passion, finding a new hobby, or being creative. What goes wrong is when we are looking to only get healed and not help another person to heal. Love is very simple. Communication and understanding are all the things it asks for. When it lacks these things, matters get complicated unnecessarily. What can be solved simply and with a conversation gets stretched for no reason. If you put egos and stubbornness in love, chances are you might ruin it.

Since life is too short to be distant from the love of your life, here are a few things I believe everyone should follow for a loving relationship:

No inhibitions

Often people try and hide their true selves because they are scared that they will not be accepted or loved. If you are not your true selves then it is not a relationship only a facade.


Having a conversation can ease things up easily and make you realize that the matter was only bigger and worse only in your head.

Past, present, and future

Sure, live in the moment. But sometimes do talk about your past and your future plans with each other. Your partner’s past may justify his nature and his thought process. It will bring in more transparency.


As much as we highlight it as a tip for a healthy relationship, I believe that it is really under-used. Being honest will make your relationship more comfortable and fun.

Cherish each other

Praise your partner and your relationship. Share how good and blessed you feel they are a part of your lives.

What do you think about love and what is essential to have a loving and healthy relationship? Do share with the readers.



Rachel Grace
Know Thyself, Heal Thyself

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