How To Get Motivation When You Need It

We all have a goal in life but, sometimes it feels like you don’t have the motivation to work for it. It could be hard, but there are a few things you can do.

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Motivation is what pushes us to make decisions, make progress and keep moving. If you lack motivation, you are probably very tempted to postpone things. Over time, you will give up projects and damage your self-esteem if you do not get to grips with things, this because the feelings of guilt will not be late to appear thereafter.

Remember why you started

If you do not find the motivation for a job, the first thing you should do is think about why you wanted it from the beginning. The reasons why you wanted to do something will be your driving force and will help you achieve your goal. A strong reason will be necessary to gather all your emotional courage and do what you need to do.

An example to illustrate this is people who want to quit smoking. If they succeed in quitting, it is often because they had a good reason to do so, if they continue to smoke, they will, for example, develop serious health problems. But if they do not stop smoking, it is because they are not really convinced that they have to.

When thinking about your goals, consider whether they are strong enough to handle all the emotional investment they require. If you do not find motivation, think about why you want to do it, and keep this in mind when trying to achieve your goal. This sense of purpose will increase your inner motivation.

Start with small steps even if the dream is big

You should always dream big to feel inspired to achieve it. But when you go out of your way to achieve that, you should do a little at a time to strengthen yourself every time you complete one more step.

For example, if you have a business and need to call your customers, but do not want to believe that they will respond positively, start by adopting a more realistic attitude and only calling a few. It is important to build a strong catapult that can push you forward when difficulties arise. A little at a time, your motivation will get stronger and stronger without you even noticing it.


I think this is the most important thing. When you have a dream, but you can’t find motivation there is one thing you need, discipline. If you keep your discipline through these times your motivation will come back. Start working against your goals and stop thinking for a while.

I hope I helped you.



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Ole Andersen

Ole Andersen

Hello. I am a man who loves sports, all kind of sports but there is something I think is very intresting and it is the mentality and that is what I write about.