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Kindness : Key to The Life of Contradictions

Mahidhar K
3 min readJun 12, 2021

Life, as we know it, is of contradictions. Self-actualized human, as per Buddha, is one who is not bothered by the materialistic cravings but yet able to savour the things the nature provides. One who abstinates cannot experience. Without experience, there is no savouring. Practicing the joyfulness without clinging on the joy is a contradiction.

Painting of Milarepa, a murderer turned Buddhist disciple. Pic Credit : www.shambhala.com

Humans should live to their fullest knowing that it will all end. The idea that it comes to an end is what should give the live more meaning and things we do more joyful. Yet, we are fearful of death. A contradiction.

These contradictions have always prevailed in our economic society.

Consider the ages of autocracy. Humans were divided into classes and each had particular job to do. Each class cannot think of doing anything else apart form what was defined for them. Freedom was the lowest but the community still co-operated as there were rules defined by the Supreme Authority at the top. Class had a strong belongingness and it helped our need to be together.

Autocratic Economy: Economy was present to serve humans. Humans lacked freedom

We fought against these and move towards a democratic system. We are no longer bound by our class on what to do. One can do anything they wish to do. The rules of economy are decided by the market as a whole and not a supreme authority. Individual freedom came but we lost belongingness. In our capitalist society, the co-operation is for economic growth. Individual growth lost meaning and humans became means to economic growth.

Democratic Economy: Humans have highest freedom. Humans serve economy

Humans have unique abilities of cognitive thinking. We are able to logically think and form abstract thoughts out of patterns. These abstract notions are what made us bind together as a community and helped us grow to such a huge number.

But these abstractions have led to losing importance of Human. Abstractions have become more important than Human. Religion is more important than each human. Economy is more important than each human. The means which were defined to serve humans have now become ends. Human have become means.

How we resolve this contradiction? We are to become self-actualized about the means we created. We should practice having means without clinging onto them. Humans are capable of practicing of Kindness beyond societal co-operation. Practicing Kindness is key to put human at the forefront and reunite. The way to retain a single water drop is to make in mingle it in the ocean. Lose self through kindness and get re-identified..



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